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Love in Lowell: A Grand Farewell

Mrs. and Mr. Sox decided to have a grand exit from their reception, as they needed to leave the convention center to walk across the driveway to the hotel.  Sparklers became the go-to exit accessory, and as everyone filed out, different relatives handed them out to all participants.  I think they ran out at one point, because Mr. Library and I had to mooch some off from someone who had taken a fistful.

After the first dance and the exit, however, there was more of an exit to worry about.  It was time for Al to leave, to drive to the hotel by the airport and go back to the west coast for the rest of the year.  I wouldn’t see her again for an entire year.  One of my best friends was leaving, and there was a hole in my heart because of it.

Al said goodbye to the happy couple and walked out to her car with me and Mr. Library.  We all hugged, and while we meant for it to be a dry goodbye, I burst into tears at the same time as Al.  It sucks being that far apart from one of your best friends.  It SUCKS.  I tried to maintain composure throughout the rest of the night, but I ended up standing with my face hidden in Mr. Library’s shirt for five minutes just to get my crying out as Al drove away.

I collected myself and walked over to the crowd that had gathered for the newlyweds’ exit.  Mr. Library brought out our Flip camera to document, and he ended up catching an exchange with one of our fellow wedding-goers.  The wedding guest was clearly drunk and asked Mr. Library who he was.  Mr. Library explained that he was one of the bridesmaid’s husbands, but I guess that wasn’t good enough for the guy because he then proclaimed that he was just going to punch him in the face.  He even asked his friend if he knew Mr. Library and if he thought he deserved to be punched in the face.  Classy, unknown wedding guest.  Truly classy.  With the mood I was in, if he had even touched my husband, I would have gone ballistic.  Thankfully, drunk man moved on and left us alone.

Finally, the sparklers were lit and the newlyweds appeared.  We cheered and smiled and tried to keep Mrs. Sox’s hair from catching on fire from the sparklers.  We helped the newlyweds get their suitcases to their hotel room and waited at their door to make sure that they got them.  With some hugs goodnight and some more well wishes, Mr. Library and I headed off to our own room… only to end up arguing over something dumb.  I think it lasted for around fifteen minutes, long enough for me to climb into bed, curl up against him, and fall asleep.  No sleep and a highly emotional state did not make for a pleasant wife.  Sorry, Mr. Library…

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