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Love in Lowell: She’s Getting Married Today

When you wake up on your own wedding day, it’s a little surreal.  It seems like an ordinary day.  The weather is, well, the weather (whatever that may be), the clock runs at just the same speed.  But there is something different about it.  There’s an electricity in the air.  There is the sense of waiting and excitement.  There’s love and nervousness and a sense of waiting.

When you wake up in the morning on someone else’s wedding day, the feelings of nervousness, excitement, love, joy, waiting, and electricity are still there, but they are different.  I found myself trying to make every one of those feelings something positive, and if I found something that needed to be fixed, the bride was not to know about it.  This was Miss Sox’s wedding day, and gosh darn it, I was going to do my best to make it run as smoothly and perfectly as it could be.

What made me take this on?  Well, firstly my love for Miss Sox and Mr. Sox.  Secondly, she had done the same for me at my wedding.  And thirdly, if I didn’t feel that way, why on earth was I a bridesmaid?

The shower was the first thing on everyone’s mind.  Having hair that simply will not curl if it has been washed on the day of, I decided to skip my hair and take a super quick body shower.  Mr. Library decided to wait until all of the girls were out of the house getting their hair done.  What can I say?  I married a smarty.  Sistah Sox and Mommy Sox had run out to get bagels and coffee for everyone, which was greatly appreciated and scarfed down before we jumped into two cars to head to the hair salon.  Miss Sox had been gracious enough to schedule us all hair appointments, and since the price was reasonable, I decided to treat myself to a lovely updo for the occasion.

Here is one of my ridiculous admissions for the day:  I really really really wanted to be in the bride’s car on the way to the hair salon.  Sure, I would have gotten there and been with Miss Sox eventually, but I wanted to be there for everything. I didn’t want to miss parts because I was in another car.  I suppose it goes back to my “absent bridesmaid” guilt for living so far away.  I didn’t want to miss anything else.  I ended up firmly stating that I was riding in Miss Sox’s car, and everything worked out fine.  But I knew I just needed to be in that car.

Once we arrived at the hair salon, we were greeted by the head stylist.  Miss Sox was placed in the chair first, all of the girls oohing and aahing over her and asking questions about the wedding.  We set down all of our stuff in the upstairs area and then settled in.  I, of course, took photos of the whole event.  Pro photographer?  Pffff.  Didn’t need it!

Eventually the other car full of bridesmaids showed up and joined in on the celebration.Miss Sox had decided to do an updo with side braids leading into the back.  It took an awful lot of curling and hairspray, but it was a work of art when it was finished.Miss Sox then moved into a side seat and let the rest of us get underway.  I had no idea what I wanted, but with only two stylists for the seven of us, I had plenty of time to think about it… though I still through up my hands and told the stylist to do whatever she wanted.  I did, however, warn her that my hair was super heavy and didn’t curl well.  She failed to listen.  Later in the evening, my hair failed to stay in place.  See the common word here?Dory and Sistah Sox hopped into the chairs and got some amazingly comical hairstyles while the whole look came together.  We told Sistah Sox she should just leave it, but I think she had other plans.With the sun and humidity on full blast outside, the salon had their A/C cranked up to work against it.  Some of us got a little chilly, so the head stylist offered Bridesmaid Trouble a wrap.  Plus it had pockets that acted like mittens!

Eventually, with her hair finally set, it was time to put Miss Sox’s veil on.  I was instructed to get a shot of it, and boy, do I love this photo.

Veil in place, Miss Sox went back to her side seat to let the rest of us finish.  Her phone decided it was time to alert her to fact that her wedding cake hadn’t been picked up.  It should have been picked up around an hour and a half before then, and when no one came to claim it, the baker got worried.  It turns out that the cousin who was supposed to pick up the cake was actually standing in the shop waiting to be helped when the phone call was made.  Miss Sox remained calm through it all, and the cake ended up where it needed to be.See that paper on her lap?  Yep, that is the letter she wrote for Mr. Sox.  They had decided to do a first look, and while it seems like it is frowned upon to write your own vows in a Catholic ceremony (if I’m wrong, someone can surely correct me), they decided to use the first look as an opportunity to write a letter instead.  I loved the idea and wish I had come up with it myself!

With only one bridesmaid left in the chair, our car decided to head back to Miss Sox’s house to grab lunch, finish her letter, and start the getting ready process.  It was almost time to change from fancy hairdos to fancy ladies!

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Volumes of Love: Hair I Am

…and it was my turn!  Sister Library had gone before me while I got my nails done,and Bridesmaids Al and A got theirs done before that.Finally, it was my turn!  I hopped into Cousin Library Jess’s chair and set up my laptop to show her what I was trying to go for.I was under the condition of not being allowed to have curls, so when I found this as a way to have some texture and some pretty detail.  Plus, my hair would be off from my neck, which would be cooler.  To get all of my hair into the ‘do, Jess had to make two hidden bun braids underneath the rest of the design.  While it looks like I would feel them a lot, I couldn’t feel their wait at all and forgot about them until Mr. Library helped me take my hair out before going to bed.We considered going with this look, but ultimately, it was seen as a little too slap-dash for a formal event.Halfway through my session, Bridesmaid Al, Sister Library, Miss Sox, and our photographer Greg returned from delivering Mr. Library his gifts with Best Man K in tow.  (Remember the mustaches I gifted Mr. Library and his crew?  They were a hit with everyone!)  K then bestowed upon me my second gift and my letter from Mr. Library.  He wrote me a beautiful letter expressing how much he wanted to make me see and feel his love for me, and while these gifts were tokens of that, nothing could really show how he felt about me.  I worked very hard not to start crying while getting my hair done just because I didn’t want snot running down my face without tissues within reach.In the middle of the letter were two beautiful opal and diamond earrings.  The opals were shaped like hearts.  While Mr. Library knew I had already picked out my wedding day jewelry, he wanted to give me something that I could wear to remember the day (besides my amazing, sparkly, lovable wedding ring).  Jess put the final touches on my hair and everyone got to look at the nearly finished product.  It was a success!This is my “Oh my God… my hair is done… I’m becoming the BRIDE” face.

After some more hairspray, it was time to put in my veil.  My veil had been a quick decision in the beginning of the year.  I wanted a fingertip length, white, slightly embellished veil.  Sister Library and I walked into David’s Bridal, found one I liked, and called it a day.  There wasn’t much fuss about this one because I wanted the back of my dress to be shown off, not covered up.This excited face was definitely seen a few more times during the day…

Walk me through this:

Our bridal party began to come together!

We did as UPS does!

We’re cat-walking baby!

We practiced eating!

Our wedding gets Jewish!

The girls and I have a slumber party!

I fell in love with a poet.

Mr. Library runs around.

Wake up call!

Christmas in July

Rise and Shine!

I love getting my hair done.  LOVE it.  I cannot wait to have my hair done for our wedding day.  My cousin J is doing all of our hair that day, which is an incredibly generous and hardcore task.  There are eight of us getting our hair done, so guess what that means?

Oh yeah… rise and shine ladies!

The first lady to get her hair done will be groomswoman K at a sunny 8 AM.  Now, I know this sounds cruel.  I mean, who seriously wants to get up then?  But really, for everyone to fit in, we needed to start it that early.  There will be movies to chill out to, food to munch on (if we have appetites), and plenty of people to love.  I would volunteer to go first, but, to be honest, I’m being selfish.  It’s my wedding day, so my hair should be done at a time when it will look great for the whole day.  My hair wouldn’t last if I went in the chair at 8 AM.  So, sorry, groomswoman K.  You’re up!

What small pit falls have you been sentenced to thanks to the day-of schedule?

A Hairy Situation

If there is one thing I know about timing, it’s that doing someone’s hair can take a while.  My hair is absolutely no exception to that.  I have super thick, heavy hair that refuses to curl.  Most people say that they would love to have my hair since it always seems to be straight (not a whole lot of poof going on there), but they really have no idea.  I suppose the grass is always greener…

When it came to figuring out who I wanted to have do the hair for the wedding, I knew I could turn to my family.  Sister/MOH Library is a cosmetologist, as is older Cousin Library J.  J did my hair for my senior prom, and it came out fantastic.  I knew I could trust both of them to do a fantastic job, but since Sister Library is going to be MOH too, we nixed the idea of having her do hair.  Cousin J it was!

Cousin J lives with her now husband J in North Carolina, which makes hair trials a little difficult.  One request that Cousin J made very early on was that I choose something that didn’t have curls involved.  With my amount of hair and its inability to curl (Cousin J tried to give me a perm when I was in high school and, after five hours in the chair, we only produced light waves.  Ugh!), not to mention the summer heat and humidity, curls were just not a good option.  A wedding hairstyle without curls is hard to find, but I managed to find some photos I liked.

(Source for all)

We email back and forth about ideas and inspirations, and finally, a month or two ago, I found my hairstyle.  While I am saving its reveal for another post (one that Mr. Library will not be reading!), I can promise you this:  there are no curls AND it’s very pretty!

I thought I was done thinking about hair, but in one of the more recent emails from Cousin J, she asked how I wanted my bridesmaids’ hair done.  Wait… they can’t just decide that?  I had loved the idea of letting them choose; they are, after all, individuals and can make up their own minds about what looks good and appropriate.  While J thought this was all well and good, it didn’t work for the timing of the day.  If the girls picked two hairstyles to choose from, it would make the process of getting ready much easier on everyone.  Okay, I get it.  So I sent the request to the girls, and this is what they came up with:


Miss Sox, being the honest woman that she is, wrote a message back that having her hair anywhere but up would lead to a sweaty mess in the July heat.  I can completely understand that, so we wanted to make one option a cute side chignon.  I’m probably also going to rock something like this for her wedding in July.


Bridesmaid Al, Bridesmaid C, and Groomswoman K all said they had planned on doing something simple with a half-up, half-down with curls look.  This image seemed to make them all happy.

I don’t relish the fact that I have to ask my ladies to choose from two hairstyles, but I understand how it makes the process more simple.  They have all been very gracious and have said that they would do whatever makes me happy and the day turn out how I want it.  How could I ask for better ladies?

What do you think?  Will these hairstyles work together?  What are you doing for your own wedding day hairstyles?