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Love in Lowell: Dance in Your Pants

Once we arrived at the Devens Convention Center, the bridal party was whisked away from the rest of the crowd and ushered into the behind the scenes hallway.  I grabbed a quick kiss from Mr. Library and told him to have fun with Al during the cocktail hour.  Apparently they named themselves the “Awkward Duo” and kept making jokes about how awkward they really were, even when they ended losing each other halfway through the hour.

“Backstage,” the bridal party was allowed to check into our rooms (where chaos about booking mix-ups ensued) and snack on the hors d’eouvres that had been put out for us.  I have never been so happy to see fruit and cheese (besides, of course, at my own wedding).  Word of warning, all of you people getting married:  even if you think you are full of nerves, EAT SOMETHING!  You will need the strength and energy!

Mrs. Sox and Mr. Sox took some quick family photos on the beautiful staircase before we finally lined up for the grand entrance.  We all paired up with our walking partners from the church and were encouraged to do something crazy on the way in.  Those around us kept talking about dance moves, of which I have none, so my partner and I were clueless until about 45 seconds before we left the doors.  And then… pure brilliance!  We ended up doing the “catch and reel in” fish dance, and according to some of the people around Mr. Library, it looked as if we had rehearsed it!  Nice!  (I also almost thought the DJ had announced the wrong name because he used my married name…  oops…)

The rest of the bridal party made their entrances, and finally the newlyweds were announced.  They went immediately into their first dance, which was so adorable and sweet.  It was clear just how happy and in love they were.  We were seated, drinks were served, and the toasts began.

The toasts were adorable.  Well, honestly, I don’t remember the best man’s speech very well because (I know this is awful, but it’s the truth) I thought he was kind of snotty and blocked his actions out for most of the wedding.  Sistah Sox’s speech, however, was amazing.  She began by telling the story about how she would have a test for all of Mrs. Sox’s boyfriends, part of which included a question about enjoying Apple Jacks even though they taste nothing like apples.  Mr. Sox clearly passed the test and became known as Sistah Sox’s FBIL – Future Brother-in-Law.  Now, keep in mind that this was when they first began dating and marriage wasn’t really a topic of conversation.  She went on to say how she was so excited to have Mr. Sox officially be part of the family, how much she loves Mrs. Sox, and all of the wonderful mushy things people want to hear in speeches honoring them.

As salads were set in front of guests, a groomsman requested a dance song that must be a tradition for weddings within their group of friends and asked the bride and groom to dance with him and his fiancee.  Mr. Library chose to act on this opportunity and left his table to ask me to dance with him as well.  This was probably one of my favorite moments of the reception, just dancing with my new husband and watching my friends enjoy their new union.

Dinner was served, and people began to mingle a bit more.  Mrs. and Mr. Sox sat at their own table with Sistah Sox and the snotty Best Man.  The other groomsmen and bridesmaids had their own tables off to the sides.  Each table, including the guests’ tables, had a bottle of red wine and a bottle of white wine.  I really liked this attention to detail on their part for the guests’ enjoyment.  It did, however, bring up a funny “did that really just happen?” wedding moment.  A family member decided to waltz up to the bridesmaid table and demand that we give her our bottle of white wine.  When we said no (because we had just been seated and people at our table legitimately wanted to drink it), the woman told us that we were being “selfish and weren’t drinking it fast enough” and stomped off to complain to one of the newlyweds’ fathers.  Kater decided that this episode meant we needed to all have white wine in our glasses, whether we chose to drink it or not.  Ha!  Take that!

The parent dances followed dinner, each one sweet and very well danced.  I’m not sure why people decide to take dance lessons for weddings, but these people certainly didn’t need them.  It’s more about the feeling of love and joy than it is about the accuracy of steps.  Once both dances were finished, the craziness began.  To say that this crowd was ready to party was an understatement.  It took about two minutes for almost everyone to get up and on the dance floor.  From that moment on, there was rarely an open spot available.

Somewhere in between, the wedding cake was cut, served, and devoured (yum!), and Mrs. Sox asked me to help her with her dress change.  Yes, she was a two dress bride, and it was a super smart move.  The first wedding dress was heavy, and there was no way she would be able to dance with it on all night.  The second dress was light and definitely dance-proof.  A lot of people noticed when she reappeared in another dress, but others didn’t notice until the next day when they were flipping through pictures.  Either way, she was lighter, happier, and ready to party!

The rest of the evening was filled with dancing, the photo booth, singing, and more dancing.  We all joined in on “The Wild Rover” twice, which apparently is a wedding tradition in Mr. Sox’s family.  If you aren’t familiar with the song, check out the video below.  The dance is quite simple; everyone stands in a large circle with their arms on everyone else’s shoulders, stomping or clapping during the three prominent beats during the chorus.  I picked it up pretty quickly the first time around.

Right around 11:30, the final dance for the couple was played, and I wished I had thought of it.  They danced to “Cover You” from Rent, surrounded by their friends and family, totally wrapped up in the moment and their love. It was the perfect ending to the perfect dance party.

With just the exit left, we quickly cleaned up and went outside to wish the newlyweds a happy life together… only it wouldn’t be only happy tears for me.

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Volumes of Love: Let Us Eat Cake!

Oh cake.  Mr. Library and I had been dreaming about our cake for nearly a year.  When we went to our first tasting at Nothing Bakes Like a Parrott, we fell in love with the amazing flavors, textures, and the personality of baker Jessica.  She was sweet, real, and an alum of my undergrad university!  Perfect!  Plus, she delivered, which was one of our key concerns.  Since the price was right, we were thrilled to book her.

Beyond the delicious flavors, Jessica was great to work with because of her creativity.  You see, I wanted to surprise Mr. Library a few times during our wedding day, and cake time was one of them.  Somewhere along the planning line, I got the idea to order Mr. Library a special groom’s cake, something that typically isn’t done here in New England.  I bounced the idea off from Jessica, and we came up with the perfect cake:  an A1 cake!  No, the flavor wasn’t A1, but it was shaped like a bottle!  Mr. Library has a serious thing for A1 (it was the first thing in our fridge when we moved into our apartment and he eats it on everything, including salad and soup!), so what better way to incorporate his obsessions into the wedding?

Once the speeches were done and we had a minute, I asked Mr. Library to follow me over to the cake table for a surprise.  When he saw it, his face lit up.  It was perfect!  I was thrilled, and everyone else at the wedding seemed to enjoy it too!  The photographer, however, didn’t notice that it was there until he began showing me the photos in our album.  Hmmmm…

After dinner was done, we went right into the cake cutting.  Why make people wait any longer for this deliciousness?  We decided on four different flavors:  red velvet with raspberry and buttercream, strawberry cake with lemon buttercream, and chocolate cake with German chocolate filling in our wedding cake, and lemon cake with raspberry filling in the groom’s cake.

Wedding cake cutting is intimidating; no joke.  Our wedding coordinator tried to help up figure out how to cut the cake.  Why doesn’t anyone tell you to practice this before the wedding?

We gave it a shot, and when all else failed, I was a total lady and used my fingers.  It was our wedding, right?

The ever important question then became feeding each other.  If you have followed this blog or know us in real life, you know for a fact that Mr. Library and I are nothing if not classy, mature, and sophisticated.  Still, we thought it would be okay if we just once put down our guards and fed each other cake without forks.  And smooshing cake in Mr. Library’s face?  Oh, that never crossed my mind at all!  But maybe it was a good idea we went at the same time just to be on the safe side…

This was about when Mr. Library began to realize that I was trying to take the cake out of his mouth and that I was trying really hard to eat all of it off from his fingers in my mouth.  But why ever would I want to do that?

Yeah, we became another couple who smooshed the cake.  Do I regret it?  Oh heck no.  Sure, it wasn’t the most formal thing to do, but it was US.  Our guests know and love us for being goofy with each other, and at that moment, it was about us and not so much them.  So, to all of you brides out there worrying about what your guests will think if you attack your partner with cake, stop worrying.  Just do what you want to do.  Seriously.  It was FUN!

Now that we were slightly covered in frosting and red velvet, we kissed, took in the moment, and then my new husband did the most gentlemanly thing he could do:  he cleaned me up!

Now that our cake was being whisked into the kitchen for cutting, it was time to begin the formal dances.  I really wanted to just dance already, and I think Mr. Library felt the same, but since we didn’t do our first formal dance yet, we were forced to do awkward ones until the DJ put on our song.  Here’s to awkward dancing and all the fun that was to come!

Walk me through this:

Our bridal party began to come together!

We did as UPS does!

We’re cat-walking baby!

We practiced eating!

Our wedding gets Jewish!

The girls and I have a slumber party!

I fell in love with a poet.

Mr. Library runs around.

Wake up call!

Christmas in July

Hairscapades abound

Making us up as we go

The Groom Squad strikes back

Magical flowers

We get the deets.

What should I wear today?

Click click click flash

Ding ding ding goes the trolley

The Groom Squad activates

We hear the music.

The guests are coming!  The guests are coming!

Let’s have a parade!

A walk to remember

We do?  Yes!  We do!

Let’s have a hug

Documenting the love

Our friends get in on the act

We find a snack in a pretty field.

We keep it in the family.

We dance into the reception.

Ch-ch-ch-chow down!

Because I Am Just Not That Crazy

My fellow bloggers!  How I have missed you and my access to the internet!  With school vacation this week, I have suffered from a serious lack of high-speed internet (my house only has dial-up… it’s a dinosaur!) and an abundance of blogging ideas.  You can rest assured that I will be posting as I spend the rest of the week with Mr. Library in his apartment!

Having some time off as done a couple of excellent things for me:  1) it has given me a chance to pretend to catch up on sleep (which means that I have fallen asleep on the couch with a death grip on the remote), 2) it has given me a little time to finish up a couple of wedding projects, and 3) it has allowed me to gain some crazy wedding perspective.  What is this crazy wedding perspective, you ask?  Well, let me show you.

There are some things brides go into wedding planning knowing a lot about.  Maybe she knows a lot about how she wants her hair to look, what styles of dresses she likes, or what kind of feel she wants for the overall event.  Maybe she just knows a lot about her love of the groom.  Whatever it is, it’s a pretty done deal and she can rock it.

On the other hand, there are certain areas where little is known.  For instance, what’s a boudoir shoot and why do people have them?  I’m sorry, but what kind of fabric is this dress made out of?  Oh, it must be pronounced with a French accent.  How very interesting and a little embarrassing.  Why would the couple want a video camera in their faces all day?  Oh.  Right.  To preserve important memories.  But seriously, there are different types of film?  Oy vey.

A lot of items just didn’t make sense to me or just didn’t matter, but as our engagement time has gone along, things that were on my “why on God’s green earth would we need this?” list have somehow meandered their way over to the “oooohhh let’s make room in the budget for this!” list.  That being said, this vacation has taught me about taking a step back and thanking my own good sense for things that I have not allowed to wander over:


Envelope Liners – I have a HUGE amount of respect for all of the people, wedding-related or not, who put their time and effort into these puppies.  They are absolutely gorgeous and really show your guests just how much you want to make them feel special.  But let’s take a step back.  I work full time, Mr. Library goes to school and works on his thesis full time, and our parents would like some sanity left at the end of this process.  I just do not have the time, energy, or stamina to do all of these.  I feel like our guests will enjoy the invitations without the liner, and our budget will enjoy having that much extra money to put toward something else.


Making my own wedding cake – While I do enjoy baking and often find myself drawn to stress-baking (thanks Bridesmaid Al!), this is way out of my league.  Our wedding cake is supposed to be really pretty, and while I can turn out a mean “Bon Voyage” cake for Mr. Library and Easter Bunny cake, my skills just won’t cut it.

A couple of Easter bunnies and a farewell cake?  Of course!  But don’t ask for the flowers…


Paying half of my paycheck for my wedding shoes – Do not get me wrong.  I LOVE shoes.  I would have loved to get my hands on a pair of “Something Blues” by Manolo Blahnik, but I honestly cannot fathom paying that much money for my shoes.  They are SHOES.  I’m sure that Mr. Library will read that sentence and hold it over my head for the rest of our lives, but so what?  A pair of high heels that I will wear for one day (and maybe another if my dress for the Catholic ceremony works out correctly) shouldn’t cost more than the wedding ring I will wear for the rest of my life.  Sorry, but in my mind it shouldn’t.  I will stick to my fabulous shoes that only cost $30 on clearance, thanks.


And last but certainly not least… Baking my own favors for all 110 people coming – Mom Library would kill me if I even suggested such a thing.  I know these macaroons are incredibly popular right now, they are adorable, they probably taste delicious, and the guests would adore them, but it comes back to the same thing as the wedding cake:  time and effort.  The small projects I have going right now are enough to handle.  I don’t want to be responsible for people’s health because of the food they eat!  Knowing me, I would probably forget a batch in the oven as we’re heading to the resort and burn something down.  Let’s not risk it, okay?

I totally appreciate the time, effort, and thoughtfulness that people put into these elements for their own events.  Hats off to them!  But me?  Nope.  I know my limits, and those four things are way out of bounds.

Where have you drawn the line?  What parts do you wish you could make more time for and include in your own wedding or party?