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Love in Lowell: Dance in Your Pants

Once we arrived at the Devens Convention Center, the bridal party was whisked away from the rest of the crowd and ushered into the behind the scenes hallway.  I grabbed a quick kiss from Mr. Library and told him to have fun with Al during the cocktail hour.  Apparently they named themselves the “Awkward Duo” and kept making jokes about how awkward they really were, even when they ended losing each other halfway through the hour.

“Backstage,” the bridal party was allowed to check into our rooms (where chaos about booking mix-ups ensued) and snack on the hors d’eouvres that had been put out for us.  I have never been so happy to see fruit and cheese (besides, of course, at my own wedding).  Word of warning, all of you people getting married:  even if you think you are full of nerves, EAT SOMETHING!  You will need the strength and energy!

Mrs. Sox and Mr. Sox took some quick family photos on the beautiful staircase before we finally lined up for the grand entrance.  We all paired up with our walking partners from the church and were encouraged to do something crazy on the way in.  Those around us kept talking about dance moves, of which I have none, so my partner and I were clueless until about 45 seconds before we left the doors.  And then… pure brilliance!  We ended up doing the “catch and reel in” fish dance, and according to some of the people around Mr. Library, it looked as if we had rehearsed it!  Nice!  (I also almost thought the DJ had announced the wrong name because he used my married name…  oops…)

The rest of the bridal party made their entrances, and finally the newlyweds were announced.  They went immediately into their first dance, which was so adorable and sweet.  It was clear just how happy and in love they were.  We were seated, drinks were served, and the toasts began.

The toasts were adorable.  Well, honestly, I don’t remember the best man’s speech very well because (I know this is awful, but it’s the truth) I thought he was kind of snotty and blocked his actions out for most of the wedding.  Sistah Sox’s speech, however, was amazing.  She began by telling the story about how she would have a test for all of Mrs. Sox’s boyfriends, part of which included a question about enjoying Apple Jacks even though they taste nothing like apples.  Mr. Sox clearly passed the test and became known as Sistah Sox’s FBIL – Future Brother-in-Law.  Now, keep in mind that this was when they first began dating and marriage wasn’t really a topic of conversation.  She went on to say how she was so excited to have Mr. Sox officially be part of the family, how much she loves Mrs. Sox, and all of the wonderful mushy things people want to hear in speeches honoring them.

As salads were set in front of guests, a groomsman requested a dance song that must be a tradition for weddings within their group of friends and asked the bride and groom to dance with him and his fiancee.  Mr. Library chose to act on this opportunity and left his table to ask me to dance with him as well.  This was probably one of my favorite moments of the reception, just dancing with my new husband and watching my friends enjoy their new union.

Dinner was served, and people began to mingle a bit more.  Mrs. and Mr. Sox sat at their own table with Sistah Sox and the snotty Best Man.  The other groomsmen and bridesmaids had their own tables off to the sides.  Each table, including the guests’ tables, had a bottle of red wine and a bottle of white wine.  I really liked this attention to detail on their part for the guests’ enjoyment.  It did, however, bring up a funny “did that really just happen?” wedding moment.  A family member decided to waltz up to the bridesmaid table and demand that we give her our bottle of white wine.  When we said no (because we had just been seated and people at our table legitimately wanted to drink it), the woman told us that we were being “selfish and weren’t drinking it fast enough” and stomped off to complain to one of the newlyweds’ fathers.  Kater decided that this episode meant we needed to all have white wine in our glasses, whether we chose to drink it or not.  Ha!  Take that!

The parent dances followed dinner, each one sweet and very well danced.  I’m not sure why people decide to take dance lessons for weddings, but these people certainly didn’t need them.  It’s more about the feeling of love and joy than it is about the accuracy of steps.  Once both dances were finished, the craziness began.  To say that this crowd was ready to party was an understatement.  It took about two minutes for almost everyone to get up and on the dance floor.  From that moment on, there was rarely an open spot available.

Somewhere in between, the wedding cake was cut, served, and devoured (yum!), and Mrs. Sox asked me to help her with her dress change.  Yes, she was a two dress bride, and it was a super smart move.  The first wedding dress was heavy, and there was no way she would be able to dance with it on all night.  The second dress was light and definitely dance-proof.  A lot of people noticed when she reappeared in another dress, but others didn’t notice until the next day when they were flipping through pictures.  Either way, she was lighter, happier, and ready to party!

The rest of the evening was filled with dancing, the photo booth, singing, and more dancing.  We all joined in on “The Wild Rover” twice, which apparently is a wedding tradition in Mr. Sox’s family.  If you aren’t familiar with the song, check out the video below.  The dance is quite simple; everyone stands in a large circle with their arms on everyone else’s shoulders, stomping or clapping during the three prominent beats during the chorus.  I picked it up pretty quickly the first time around.

Right around 11:30, the final dance for the couple was played, and I wished I had thought of it.  They danced to “Cover You” from Rent, surrounded by their friends and family, totally wrapped up in the moment and their love. It was the perfect ending to the perfect dance party.

With just the exit left, we quickly cleaned up and went outside to wish the newlyweds a happy life together… only it wouldn’t be only happy tears for me.

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Volumes of Love: Say Something and Eat!

Now that our wedding party was situated at the head table (a table idea which I now have decided I didn’t really want.  I totally would have done something else.), the DJ handed over the mic to Best Man K and MOH/Sister Library.  I had been looking forward to these speeches for a very long time, so I was excited to hear what they had to say.

Best Man K took the floor first.  Naturally theatrical, K has a way of making people laugh.  He began by talking about his relationship with Mr. Library, which began their freshman year in college.  They are quite similar in how unique they are (though that sounds like a contradiction) and hit it off right away.  The speech kept going.  I don’t remember how, but K brought the topic around to how Mr. Library used to eat eight-inch carrots in the cafeteria during college.  I’m pretty sure that’s why my face looks the way it does in the photo above.  Where was this speech going?

K then brought it back around to me and Mr. Library.  He said that when he met us as a couple, it felt like a natural fit, especially since I hadn’t told K that he was an idiot as many other friends’ girlfriends had.  When he heard that we were getting married, his thought was, “Now this makes sense.”  I think that was my favorite part of the speech.  Our relationship has always felt so natural to Mr. Library and me, so it was nice to know that it was the same for others.

By now, the speech had seriously lasted five minutes.  Our guests were still patiently holding their glasses of champagne and, well, waiting for the end to toast us…Getting the hint, K wrapped it up with some sweet lines about how much he loved us as a couple and we toasted.

MOH/Sister Library took the mic next.  I was really looking forward to what she had to say, and with the way that wedding planning with her had gone, I was hoping this would build some of those bridges back.  Sister Library pulled out a few notes she had written on a piece of paper and quickly zoomed through them.  She repeated her point a few times, which was to be good to one another.  Even though she had practiced the speech with my other bridesmaids, I think she got nervous and lost what she was going to say.  It was certainly a valiant shot, and I love her for trying.

With the formal toasts made, Mr. Library and I had wanted to open the floor to anyone one who wanted to make a toast, but the DJ took the mic away.  Bummer.  I was hoping to hear more of what our guests had to say (yeah, that was probably the attention whore side of me kicking in… but it was our wedding!).  Our bridesmaids put their bouquets in water on the head table and prepared for the next activity.

Dinner began to come out, so Mr. Library and I took the opportunity to take some photos with guests while people ate.This is Mrs. B.  Mr. Library and I met in her seventh grade math/English class in middle school, and she was my inspiration for becoming a teacher.  It was only natural that she be a part of our wedding day, and those who met her loved her.  She retired from teaching this year, and she asked if I would still include her in my classroom to fill the void.  She’s too cute!

We didn’t get any shots of dinner (why would you want pictures of people stuffing their faces), but I can tell you that the meals were delicious.  Miss Sox, who hates salad, even took 17 bites of salad for our wedding on the 17th!  How sweet and nutritional!  I inhaled my food and made myself sit down to eat.  I was going to enjoy this meal and actually eat something.

Once dinner was done, it was time for the tastiest part of all… CAKE!

Walk me through this:

Walk me through this:

Our bridal party began to come together!

We did as UPS does!

We’re cat-walking baby!

We practiced eating!

Our wedding gets Jewish!

The girls and I have a slumber party!

I fell in love with a poet.

Mr. Library runs around.

Wake up call!

Christmas in July

Hairscapades abound

Making us up as we go

The Groom Squad strikes back

Magical flowers

We get the deets.

What should I wear today?

Click click click flash

Ding ding ding goes the trolley

The Groom Squad activates

We hear the music.

The guests are coming!  The guests are coming!

Let’s have a parade!

A walk to remember

We do?  Yes!  We do!

Let’s have a hug

Documenting the love

Our friends get in on the act

We find a snack in a pretty field.

We keep it in the family.

We dance into the reception.