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But It’s For The Wedding!

How many times have you heard that?  Maybe it’s come out of your mouth a time or two as you plan(ned) your wedding to your significant other.  “Oh, yeah, I guess it’s a little expensive, but it’s for the wedding!  It’s totally worth it!”  Sure, those shoes or the hair clips or the dress or the something-or-other that you just have to have in that moment could seem justified by the fact that (hopefully) your wedding is a once in a lifetime event… unless you want to renew your vows, of course.  It should be a big deal and filled with people and events that make you happy.

But you’ll notice that I didn’t say “things that make you happy.”  Why?  Because it’s way too easy to get swept up in the wedding world’s push to get brides and grooms to buy everything they could possibly want/need/didn’t know they had to have for their wedding days.  For example, shoes tend to be a huge deal for brides.  I was one of them.  I had blue shoes in my heart from the minute I picked out our wedding color scheme (yeah… I chose it… I kind of told Mr. Library that this was my choice for the most part when he told me pink and blue don’t go…).  I hunted high and low for awesome blue shoes, and finally, when I was least expecting it, I found them!  They were gorgeous!  They were unique!

And they were on sale for $30, which was a blessing because (1) I didn’t have to pay a lot for them and (2) they hurt… a LOT… so I quickly changed into flip flops as soon as I got off the bridge after the ceremony.

But what if I had paid hundreds of dollars for them?  Would I have been so quick to change out of them?  Probably, only because of the level of pain my feet were in, but I would have felt bad that I hadn’t worn them all night.  They were on for about 45 minutes before I took them off and never looked back.  No one cared that I wore flip flops under the dress, and I’m pretty sure no one besides my bridesmaids, my mom, Mr. Library, and my cousin who asked about my shoes even knew.  It wasn’t a big deal.  I got the lovely shots with my shoes at the hotel, I got to feel pretty during the ceremony (though what my feet looked like was the last thing on my mind), and I got to have some comfortable shoes after.  Grand total?  $32.50.  I am honestly appalled at what some people pay for shoes for their weddings, all in hopes that they will have “the perfect day.”  If your shoes or your dress is the single factor in what makes your day perfect, that’s a little sad.  What about the intangibles of the day?  What about the look on the groom/other bride’s face when his/her partner comes down the aisle?  What about the way friends and family congratulate you after the ceremony?  What about the way people’s voices crack when they talk to you about their own wedding days?  What about the hilarious dance moves your friends and families display at the reception?  I bet they don’t cost as much as those shoes and you’ll remember them a lot more.

Now, I’m not posting this because I think that all wedding consumerism is evil.  I fell into it myself from time to time, but I want to give any bridal readers out there a chance to really look at what you are buying.  Is it super necessary?  Do you have a plan for it after your wedding?  Do you want it because you really really want it, or because a wedding blog or magazine told you it was “so in right now”?  Don’t just throw it in your cart.  Think about it.  Where does it rank on your list of priorities for your wedding or other large event?  Your wallet may thank you for those extra couple thoughts.

Just something to think about!