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Peace, Love, and Paper

Flower budgets tend to be a headache in the wedding planning world.  Flowers are so freakin’ expensive!  They look lovely, and lush, and I-want-to-stick-my-face-in-them-for-the-rest-of-my-life amazing, but goodness do they cost an arm and a leg to buy them.

The average wedding budget, according to buzzle.com, has the bride and groom spending anywhere from $500 to $2000 on flowers alone.  ALONE.  It comes from all of the bouts, corsages, bouquets, centerpieces and random decor.  Guys, my dress didn’t even reach those totals, and I got to wear it all day!  Ridiculous much?

I think Ms. C was starting to feel the same way.  The florist is one of the last, if not the last, vendors she has yet to book.  She just kept going over how much flowers where going to cost and dreading having to receive the estimate.  I can’t blame her.  Mr. Library and I were incredibly lucky to have his aunt M step up and pay for all of our flowers.  It probably saved us $1200, no joke.  I will forever be grateful for that.

But there is no way I can do that for Ms. C, as much as I would like to, so I decided to check out other options.  Fake bouquets made out of different materials have become really popular in the wedding world as of late, so I thought I would see what there was to be had.  Ms. C is a pretty traditional girl, so nothing crazy or too out there.  We needed affordable, easy, and normal looking.

Enter:  Coffee Filter Roses.(Source)

These lovelies are made out of coffee filters, which can be purchased at BJ’s or Costco for $4 for 400.  How is that for price?  You get watercolors, floral wire, and floral tape, print the templates, and then follow along with Martha Stewart’s guest.  Pretty cool, huh?

I also thought we could round out the bouquets with some other cool looking flowers:


Ms. C was pretty excited to see these ideas, so we shall see what we can do!  We have some school vacations coming up, so I hope to try them soon.  I’m not sure what colors C will want for her bouquets, but with these babies running pretty cheap, we could do a whole bouquet for next to nothing.

What did you do for flowers?  Anyone else out there with nontraditional (or real!) bridal bouquets?


Volumes of Love: Flower Power

As mentioned in the last post, our flowers arrived some time while I was either putting on makeup or getting my hair done.  I was still a little curious to see what the bouquets would come out like, but Mr. Library had told me the night before that if he had to rank their beauty, he would give them a nine (where that other point went is beyond me).

Carole, our florist at Pooh Corner Florist and Greenhouse, did not disappoint.  Remember how she had called to say I was getting peonies because she was some sort of genie and made a pact with the flower gods?Man, did the flower gods come through for me or what?  I loved our flowers, and while they weren’t what I had pictured them looking like, they were absolutely beautiful and I was proud to have my girls carry them down the aisle.Dad Library looks pretty good with them too.

The guys had their bouts already delivered to their suite, so we only had to worry about our own.  I made sure I had a tossing bouquet included for our festivities later on, and E made sure her petals were quality throwing material.With our flowers all set, it was time to put on the real deal…

Walk me through this:

Our bridal party began to come together!

We did as UPS does!

We’re cat-walking baby!

We practiced eating!

Our wedding gets Jewish!

The girls and I have a slumber party!

I fell in love with a poet.

Mr. Library runs around.

Wake up call!

Christmas in July

Hairscapades abound

Making us up as we go

The Groom Squad strikes back

A Call From Heaven

During the wedding planning process, you learn to let some things slide.  DIY projects fall to the wayside when you don’t have enough time (though that didn’t happen to me), you learn to ignore little comments people make about your ideas or selections, and you move on.  I had found this place with the idea of my flowers not being peonies.  Remember how I had longed for them for so long and worried I wouldn’t get them?  Peonies were out of season for our wedding by a week and a half, and as fabulous as our florist is, she wasn’t sure she could make it happen.  So I sucked it up and knew that she would come up with something spectacular for our bouquets.

We went to visit her with Mr. Library’s Aunt M about a week ago to pay the tab and make some final arrangements.  The drive to her shop is a little bumpy, thanks to her being about three miles into the woods on a part paved, part dirt, road.  But the place is a photographer’s paradise for photos.

She takes the name of her store very seriously!It was freezing and raining outside, but it was very pretty on the inside.

The owner, Carole, has been in business since the year I was born, and her talents certainly show her versatility.  Not only does she do most of the wedding and funeral business around the Bethel area, but she is also the florist for the whole Sunday River Resort!  They recently had a photo shoot and asked her to do all of the flower arrangements.  They will be featured in the catalogues, brochures, and on the website.

When we arrived, Aunt M and Carole chatted for a bit (Aunt M is also in the flower business during the summer) before we got down to the wedding details.  Carole once again assured me that she would try her hardest to get me peonies, but it would take some trying.  She had some that had come in in my color, but she hadn’t gotten them to open yet.  In her words, “I don’t do ugly.”  Enough said, Carole, enough said.

See those wrapped dark pink blobs in the back?  Those are the peonies she was trying to open for me.  Thanks Carole!  We decided that garden roses would be a perfectly acceptable and pretty replacement if we needed.

The talk then turned to “Don’t you need more flowers?”  Now, this wasn’t Carole trying to make more revenue.  This was Aunt M trying to get us to buy every flower in the place!  Since it was her dime, she insisted that we get flowers for the rehearsal dinner.  Being that our rehearsal dinner is taking place in a British pub, Mr. Library and I weren’t sure if flowers would go, but we were shot down.  We were getting flowers and that was final!  We ended up getting these lovely little centerpieces for the tables:

We’re getting twelve, and anyone who would like to take one home from the rehearsal dinner may.  No need to recollect the vases!

When we were finished hashing out details, Aunt M and Carole continued to chat while Mr. Library and I went to go see the animals.  Pooh Corner lives up to its name because she owes nearly every animal from the Pooh stories.  Don’t believe me?

Meet Piglet,Roo,and Rabbit(s).  Eeyore the donkey wasn’t feeling the rain, so he was a little camera shy.

After loading up the car with Aunt M’s purchases for the greenhouse she works at, we headed back home.

I didn’t really think anything of the flowers until two days ago when, out of the blue, I got a phone call at Mr. Library’s parents’ house.  It was Carole, and she had some news.  She had enough dark pink peonies for my bouquet!  YES!  She did not, however, have enough for the girls’.  Okay, so they live without them and have light pink ones instead.  Perfect!  Carole is my flower hero!  I will get the bouquet I have always wanted, the girls will have different bouquets but similar anyway, and it will look amazing!  I heart Carole!

What kinds of flowers are you having?  Have you run into any snafus?

February Showers Bring…

Giant puddles of slush and make rivers across the road on the way to school.  Welcome to the great state of Maine in the winter time.  But even though the weather is awful, I think it’s about time we talk about something sunny and beautiful:  our flowers!

Let me begin by telling you about my amazing fiance.  When this whole wedding planning process got started, he thought it would be a pretty simple process.  Heck, I had a few moments of that one myself.  We. Were. Wrong.  Flowers were one thing that surprised him the most.  I would blither away about what I wanted for flowers for hours, and he would nod along (probably falling asleep inside) and definitely wanted to go to the florist with me, Mom Library, and FMIL Library.  How interesting he found the experience, I don’t know, but at least he was a trooper!

Secondly, let’s talk about the amazingness of Future Aunt M.  Mr. Library and his younger brother K are the only two children on FMIL Library’s side of the family.  Since no one else had children, the two boys were pretty spoiled (in a good way).  When I entered the picture, Aunt M was one of the first ones (besides FMIL Library) to have a girl in the family.  She would send me mail during college, gave me Christmas presents when everyone else thought I was too new, sent Mr. Library and I to Disney World when we graduated from college, and now writes me emails to remind me of how great of a teacher I can be.  She is definitely my aunt.  When Mr. Library and I talked about wedding planning, she jumped in and blew us away by stating that she would be taking over all of the flower expenses.  Um… what?  Yes.  All of them.  She didn’t care that I wanted peonies and that they would have a heftier price tag.  Whatever I wanted, she would buy it.  We were floored, but incredibly thankful.  It took a huge burden off from all of our shoulders.  I had been planning on ordering flowers wholesale and making our bouquets, but now we could relax and let the expert do it!


Following Aunt M’s recommendation, Mr. Library, FMIL Library, Mom Library and I jumped into my car and headed to Pooh Corner Farm Greenhouse in Bethel.  We actually thought we were lost because the road was so narrow and became dirt at one end, but five minutes later we reached the front of her farm.  Now, you may be wondering why the greenhouse is named “Pooh Corner.”  Yes, it does have to do with the stories of Pooh and Piglet, but it has an extra element.  Carole, the lovely owner, actually owns many of the real life animals that live in Pooh’s stories.  She owns a wallaby named Roo, a pig named Piglet, a rabbit named Rabbit, and a donkey named Eeyore.  Piglet was walking around the building when we met with Carole, and Carole seemed a little concerned that he would freak us out.  Apparently she has lost a few brides to the fact that she has a pig running around.  Not me!

She had tons of books and magazines around, but I already knew in my heart what I wanted.  Yep, I was that bride, the one who comes in with everything but the actual flowers.  When Carole started filling out the paperwork, she casually asked what I was thinking.  “Fuschia peonies with six white roses, please,” I very calmly (but quickly) answered.

Something like this, but a lot more fuschia and a lot less white. 


“Oh.  Well you certainly know what you want.  Peonies… hmmmm…”

That hmmmmm wasn’t a good thing.  Our wedding was a week later than the “late season” for peonies.  Honestly?!  Nooooooooooooooo!  I had had my heart set on peonies forever, long before I had even thought about marrying Mr. Library.  I swallowed a little of my panic and asked her what the availability would really be like.  She could tell that my bridal heart was breaking, so leveled with me.

“I am going to try my absolute hardest to get those flowers.  However, what would your second option be for a flower if I cannot get them?”

“Well, I want fluffy fuschia flowers.  What are my options?”

FMIL Library suggested hydrangeas because “they were pink.”  That’s not fuschia.  Veto!  Carole suggested that she could open up some roses in a similar color, so I went with that.  I really don’t want a bouquet of all roses, but I guess I will have to suck it up for the color.

“Okay, so what’s with the six white roses?”

Ah, I expected this to come up.  I must have six white roses because that is how we are honoring our deceased grandparents.  We each only have one grandmother left (Dad Library’s mom and FMIL Library’s mom), so I wanted to show our love for them and their guidance in a different way.  I want to have them on my journey to the altar, so I will literally be carrying them with us as we are wed.  I love it.  (This will also be explained in the programs for the guests.)

With that set, we went on to boutinnieres.  This was where Mr. Library had some say, but his face looked a little like a question mark.  Carole helped with some options, so we picked white roses, fuschia roses, blue bachelor buttons and fuschia freesias for different people.  Our moms jumped in with their thoughts, though Mom Library stayed a little quiet during times, and about an hour later, we had everything pretty much set.  There were a few key lessons learned during our time, though.

Bachelor Buttons (Source)

Fuschia Peonies (Source)

Fuschia Freesia (Source)

Calla Lily Boutonnieres for the grandmothers (Source)

Lesson One:  To some men, dark blue is the same thing as cobalt blue.  To a florist, they are not.  Please explain this to men before taking them to a florist.

Lesson Two:  You won’t always have the same taste as your FMIL.  Own up to it and stand up for your ideas.  This is your wedding, though some help is nice.

Lesson Three:  Know your flowers beforehand.  And what kinds of arrangements might go where.

Lesson Four:  Love the florist you are working with.  I do.  Carole is wonderful and laidback.  And thank goodness!  I feel completely secure going with her and cannot wait to see what she turns out!

What are you doing for flowers?  How did you find your florist?

Floral Inspiration

I have to admit that I am the luckiest girl in the world when it comes to flowers.  Well, I guess it goes for a lot more than flowers, but this post is on flowers, so we’ll save those other stories for later.

Mr. Library has an extremely generous aunt and uncle who do not have any children of their own.  Mr. Library and FBIL Library have been their surrogate children for years, and this family has been starved for girls.  Enter me.  A female.  And a wedding.  Mr. Library’s Aunt M decided to take me under her wing and spoil the both of us rotten.  In a casual conversation in the grocery store, she told me (not asked, but very nonchalantly told) that she would be paying for all of the flowers for the wedding.  Whatever I wanted, it was mine.  I was floored.  Mr. Library wasn’t surprised.  When Aunt M does a gift, she does it up.  Big time.

Cut to the florist.  Aunt M, who is a fourth grade teacher during the school year, works at a local greenhouse during the summer and had a friendly relationship with a florist in Bethel near our location.  The florist ended up being fabulous!  Carole at Pooh’s Corner Greenhouse Florist is wonderful when it comes to putting ideas together and being accommodating.  She even is doing experiments to see just how many peonies she can grow for me in July!

These are my ultimate flowers.  The peonies aren’t promised, so they might be fuschia roses instead, but I’ll take it.

Peonies are my absolutely favorite flowers!  They are just too pretty.


I will also be pairing them with six white roses (to represent our late grandparents) and these:

Blue Sweet Peas


The guys will have cobalt blue Bachelor Buttons, white roses, and a fuschia rose for the best man.  I cannot wait to see all of these put together!

How did your floral inspirations go?  How did you find your florist?