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Being Life-Size Barbies

Being a bridesmaid means that you have a lot jobs to play.  You’re a friend, a cheerleader, a supporter, a pair of ears for listening, a computer to do research on any wedding topic, sometimes a dose of reality (though I really haven’t had to do that at all since C is pretty darn realistic and grounded), and a barbie doll.  Yes, a barbie doll.  What else do you think bridesmaids are when you have to pick out dresses?

When I had to pick out dresses for my wedding, I didn’t want to step on anyone’s toes.  I looked at it through the life philosophy that these ladies were my friends and were doing me a huge honor by standing with me as I married Mr. Library.  Why on earth would I want to be a dictator about what they had to wear?  I decided to choose the length and the color and then let them have at it.  I did, however, want the dresses to come from the same store to make sure the colors were really the same color.  It worked out fine, and strangely, even though I was totally for everyone getting the dresses they wanted, they all decided to get the exact same one.  They even asked me if that was okay!  If it made them happy, I was happy.  I even found a way for my sister to match but stand out in her MOH dress.I don’t care how many times I see this picture; it always makes me laugh!

It was essentially the same for Mrs. Sox’s wedding.  She decided to put us in pink and what the length of our dresses was to be, and POOF!  We could do what we wanted.  I really like my dress from her wedding, and I am wearing it this May when I chaperon prom!I have to admit that I like being the one who is playing Barbie a lot more than being the one who has to make all of the decisions.  When you are the bride, people look to you for every little decision.  If you don’t like something, they want to know.  I honestly didn’t care if their dresses matched; I just wanted them to be happy and comfortable.  So when Miss C said it was time to go dress shopping, I was excited.  I had been working out some to get in better shape, so my self esteem was a little higher, which was good since I had to share one dressing room with the rest of her sisters.  Undressing in front of my husband?  Fine.  Undressing in front of people you only somewhat know?  A different story.

We began our search at our local David’s Bridal.  C had set up an appointment and had asked her sisters to meet us there.  Everyone was there on time and ready to try on dresses.  Though C had clearly told David’s Bridal that there were three of us, they only reserved one room, but we Tim Gunn’ed it and “made it work.”  Our attendant came over to get our sizes and what styles we had in mind.  We all tended to pick out the same styles, but we were certainly a broad range of sizes, anywhere from size 4 to 16.  When the attendant brought the dresses back, we had a hard time because he would give us the right styles in the wrong sizes.  If I wanted to try on style A in a size 10, he would bring it in a size 16.  It got a little frustrating.

One of the first dresses I tried on was this number:


Sure, it looks cute on her, but you see that hand on her hip?  It’s hiding something.  It’s hiding the fact that this dress has awkward pockets that make even me – who has no hips at all – look like I am trying to smuggle a yard stick out of the store.  It just wasn’t happening.  Even though I could have worn a bra with straps with it, it was nixed.

The second dress turned out to be better, thankfully.


This wasn’t one of my original picks, but when C’s sisters both tried it on and liked it, I figured it was worth a shot.  Thank goodness I did because it turned out to be the last dress I would put on.  For some reason, the attendant was very good at bringing Bridesmaid A’s requested dresses and sizes, but not mine.  I figured that the dress looked good enough on me, it was comfortable, and I wasn’t showcasing a ton of cleavage.  Win, win, win!  Plus, C had a coupon to allow all of us to take $20 off of the price tag because she bought her dress from David’s Bridal, so that dropped my dress to $79!  Score!

C’s sisters, after much deliberation and thinking about what would work best for C, decided to go with the same dress as well.  The other ones they had in mind, they decided, were too “party” or “club.”  I had to agree with their judgment.  It also made it easier to tell C’s other sister, who lives in California, what her dress has to look like.  For what I hear, this sister can be hard to reason with when it comes to clothes, so whatever makes it easier is great.

Before we could order our dresses, there was one final decision to be made.  What color?  C had already decided to put her sisters in cornflower blue: But she was still a little on the fence about me.  She had mentioned before that she might want me to stand out as Maid of Honor, and if that’s what she wanted, I was happy to do it.  Heck, she could have put me in a plastic bag and I would have been okay with it!  She finally decided to put me in a different color altogether, and asked me to wear clover to match the color scheme of their invitations.


I love the look of these colors together.  I think they’re going to be perfect for an outdoor wedding in August!  Don’t you think so?

With those decisions made, we paid for our dresses and received our “will be here by” dates.  Mine actually came in about two months early, which was a good thing because it was the wrong size.  The attendant had measured me wrong, so I needed to order one size up.  It wasn’t because I had gained weight… unless I gained a rib somewhere I’m not aware of… But now, two dresses later, we’re in business!  Now I just need to get my dress altered… hmmm…


Love in Lowell: Ready the Dresses

By the time we got back to Miss Sox’s abode, it was time for some lunch.  Mr. Library had been wonderful and put the food out for us to help with timing.  He was also given my camera at this point because, for the rest of the day, I had a lovely job to do.  We all made sandwiches or grabbed yogurts and chilled out for a little bit.  Well, Miss Sox didn’t chill out because she still had her letter to finish, but the rest of us took a minute to take it all in.

During this time, the videographer (a family friend) showed up and began taking some of the “getting ready” clips.  I am almost positive that he got an amazing one of me staring at my boobs and trying to fix them in my shirt.  Maybe that will make the bloopers reel…  The photographer showed up shortly thereafter, and Miss Sox was whisked away to get her makeup professionally done.  The rest of us decided it was a good idea to start the makeup process and rushed upstairs to commandeer the available mirrors.

Remember how I said I wanted to be a super helpful bridesmaid?  Well, I think I definitely pulled my own weight when it came to the makeup situation.  I had done my own makeup for my wedding after going through some training with a MAC cosmetics consultant in the mall, so I figured I could definitely do my own for this wedding.  Somehow word got around and other bridesmaids wanted me to do their makeup too!  Obviously I was flattered that they trusted me so much, but I was nervous.  It’s one thing when you make yourself look ridiculous, but it’s a completely different story when you make not one but two other people look a mess.  Thankfully, Kater and Dory came out liking their looks and looking (in my opinion) gorgeous.  I wouldn’t have let them walk out the door otherwise.

After makeup came dresses.  It took some waiting to get mine, and I lost my temper a little with Mr. Library for not moving our suitcases out of the room earlier in the day.  The room we had slept in had been converted into an ironing room for Miss Sox’s gown, and there was no way to get any of our belongings.  After my stress peaked and then dropped, I took a deep breath and apologized to my husband.  There was no real reason to get upset, and the situation was totally out of our hands at this point.  Lesson learned:  Mr. Library is not a mind reader.

Finally, I snagged my bridesmaids dress, slipped it on, and intercepted Miss Sox’s phone just in time to answer a call from the florist.  She was going to be late due to traffic, but she would be there soon.  Kater and I ran out the door the minute she arrived to help bring in the flowers.

At this point, Miss Sox was already upstairs with Sistah Sox and Mommy Sox getting into her wedding dress.  I was lucky enough to weasel my way into the room somehow (I think I was asked to bring some sort of chair in?) and got to see some of her bridal portraits being taken.  She looked stunning and incredibly happy.  I began to cry almost immediately.

Marisa S Cohen Photography

After her photos were taken, it was time to get some last-minute group shots before climbing into the limo to go to the first look location.  We got the always popular shoe shots…

grabbed our bouquets as Miss Sox took a few more pictures with family…

and just as Miss Sox was almost finished, I felt a tap on my shoulder.  Dory had somehow gotten a rip in her dress.  Was there any way I could fix it?  Thankfully, I had put a sewing kit in the “day of” bag I had prepared and there was thread that matched our dresses exactly.  Al caught it on camera, but no one else knew about our little sewing adventure…

With everyone’s dresses holes-free and the bride excited and ready to go, we headed out the door to our waiting chariot.  It would turn out to be a blessing that we packed some much hairspray…

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The Grass Isn’t Always Greener

Yesterday, it was pinker!  I think I mentioned it before, but if not, I am also a bridesmaid in Miss Sox in the City‘s wedding in August.  I am incredibly honored to be one of her six bridesmaids, and I have to say that I really didn’t expect it in the beginning.  After all, we had only known each other through grad school, and asking her to be one of mine doesn’t guarantee that she will ask me to be one of hers.  When she asked, I was pumped!

Now begins the beginning of my bridesmaid’s duty.  We went dress shopping!  I have to say, it was super awesome amazing to be on the opposite side of the fence.  Did I have to choose colors and styles?  Nope!  Did I have to introduce everyone?  Nope (though I did like doing this part…)!  I got to be part of the group and let the bride answer the questions.  Ahhh the life of a bridesmaid…

Our shopping extravaganza began and ended (because there was no need to go any other place) at Aria Dresses in Boston.  Miss Sox had been in love with Aria dresses for pretty much the entire year (even before true wedding planning began for her), so it was a no brainer that we had to go there.  What a brilliant idea!  A small, tucked away studio on Newbury Street, the shop was quiet and intimate, and Jessica, the girl working at the dress store, was incredibly nice.  She knew what she was doing and how to make us look good (plus discretely suggest different sizes).

First, we tried on dresses for color.  Miss Sox had picked lovely shades of raspberry pink and leaf green, but wasn’t sure which one she wanted our dresses to be.  So into the changing rooms we went, and we all emerged in one of the colors.  Three of us ended up being in the green and the other two (one girl was a little late) in pink.  Miss Sox was still puzzled.  Did we just look good in green, or did she actually like the green dresses?  (P.S. My green dress looked like a nightgown… it was not a winner.)  We went back into the dressing room and switched.  This time I came out in pink.  Though we knew she wanted to be diplomatic, we all knew pink would be the color.  I mean, this is Miss Sox we’re talking about!


So with the color picked out, it was time to pick out a style.  Miss Sox was being super nice and letting us pick the style that looked best on us.  Here were my options (all dress photos come from this source):

Dress #1:

Sorry about the size.  The full-sized photos kept flipping to the back view, and as lovely as the models’ tushes are, they don’t really show the dresses.  Like I said before, this dress looked like a nightgown on me.  The folds on the top also made my boobs look a little low because the top was impossibly high.  It was a no-go.

Dress #2:

I tried this dress on just for the raspberry color, and while it was a size too small, it looked pretty good.  I didn’t want to keep pulling my dress up all night, though, so I kept looking for something with possible straps.

Dress #3:

Ahhh, the Statue of Liberty dress!  Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses… and another dress please!  NEXT!

Dress #4:

This dress looks amazing on the model, but on me, it just looked strange.  Miss Sox said something about liking it, but I wasn’t sold.  There was just something about how it made my chest look… it wasn’t quite right.

Dress #5:

When I put this dress on, I thought I had the winner.  It was comfortable, it looked good, and it had straps!  I even skipped out of the dressing room in it!  It received some positive comments, but I thought I should try on everything, just to make sure.

Dress #7:

Super cute, and it looks amazing on MOH Sox and Bridesmaid Trouble, but it wasn’t quite as spectacular on me.  Not to mention that it was a size too big and fall off from me.  It would have been more like here come the boobs and not here comes the bridesmaid.

The Winner:

Yes, it looks pretty straight on the model, but this girl doesn’t really have curves.  This is one of the few times in life where my pseudo-curves make dresses look better!  I put this dress on, and when I came out, both Mommy Sox and FMIL Sox gasped and said it was the dress meant for me.  I absolutely love it!  I didn’t want to take it off (but I had to to 1.  try on dress #7 and 2.  leave the building).  I need to get the top cinched in a little, but that won’t be that hard.  I cannot wait to wear it!

Have you ever been a bridesmaid?  How did you like picking out dresses?

When It All Becomes Real

Tiny things have made me realize that the wedding is coming sooner than I thought, like when the ball dropped on the year 2010, when Mr. Library and I kissed each other at the 6 month mark, when the groomspeople got suited up (and dressed up… but that’s still in progress), and like now.  What’s going on now?

The bridesmaids’ dresses are in!


Not only are they in, but they are in my closet, hanging next to my wedding dress in their plastic covers, just waiting to be worn and shown off and danced in.  I am delivering two of them to Miss Sox and Bridesmaid Al this weekend when I am in Massachusetts (playing cousin and bridesmaid!).  Due to a mix-up with Bridesmaid C, she went to get the dress, but I already had it, so we will have to arrange something later.  Bridesmaid Al already has hers thanks to the wonders of ordering it to Washington state.  But that’s beyond the point.  I have bridesmaids and they have dresses.  To wear.  In our wedding.  In July.  This year.  Oh boy.

Our invitations are being shipped to us this week, and I am sure I will feel that twinge of reality when we send those out too.  I cannot believe it is so close!

What has made you look at how far away your wedding is?

Celebrations Through Cell Phones

As you know, Bridesmaid Al lives far far away in the land of southeast Washington state.  Now, while this does make it hard to get together and meet up for different events, it doesn’t kill all chances of her being involved like it would have in, say, the 1980s.  Thanks to the goodness of technology, Al has been able to relive all of the glorious appointments the bridesmaids have had thus far… with pictures to boot!

Because I am super vigilant about giving people and companies plenty of time in case something goes wrong, I emailed Al to see when she might be able to go try on and order her bridesmaid’s dress.  Since she was the last one in, she unfortunately didn’t have a choice like the other girls, which I do feel bad about, but it would look really weird if she was the only one in a different dress.  Come on, I got over my symmetry OCD for people, let’s not push it into the dresses category, hokay?  Al emailed back that while she had a work engagement the weekend before (honestly, who works on the weekends?  Lame!), she would be able to go this weekend.  Awesome!  A week wouldn’t make a ton of difference, but she understands my level of organizational dependency.  This is one of the many reasons why we get along so well.

These beauties showed up in my inbox last night:

Credit to the wonderful, albeit unknown, woman holding the camera phone in the mirror

I love it!  The last picture makes me want to call her and sing “I’m a Little Teapot.”  Also, I think my bridesmaids are on to something.  They all wore socks with their dresses.  Should we replace the whole concept of shoes with just socks?  Hmmmm…  I also enjoy how they all tried on a different color the first time they had these dresses.  Miss Sox wore the actual blue color, Bridesmaid C wore an awful bubblegum pink, Bridesmaid As wore bright (and I mean searing to the eyeballs bright) orange, and now Bridesmaid Al has this lovely red color.  While they all end up in the same dress, the initial try-on colors are different just like them!

Are you working through spatial separation from any of your wedding party members?  How are you dealing with it?