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Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Mo

When I picked my bridesmaids, it took relatively little debate.  I had a core group of ladies who surrounded me with love, and while it was more difficult to lower it down to four (and then raise it to five when I told Mr. Library I wouldn’t leave out a friend just for symmetry’s sake), I knew I made good choices.  My ladies were awesome, beautiful, and the best women I could have asked to stand up in front of friends and family with when told Mr. Library “I do.”  Though they looked a lot less confused when I asked them to be there…

When Mrs. Sox asked me to be her bridesmaid, I was psyched.  I had no idea what went into being a bridesmaid, but I did know that I was going to try my best to be a darn good one.  I put a lot of time thinking about different details of her bridal shower and how to make her wedding day to Mr. Sox super special, and I think all of my hard work was appreciated.

When Ms. C got engaged, I was ready to be the best cheerleader around, title of bridesmaid or not.  It doesn’t matter if you get to wear a coordinating dress and stand up in front of the crowd; when a friend gets married, you support that person.  In my book, that’s the end of the story.  It was just icing on the cake when she asked me to be her Maid of Honor (yes, I’m married, but I despise the word “matron,” so I pretend it doesn’t exist).  I was happy, and I’m pretty sure she was happy that I had said yes.  Everything was going great, right?

Well, maybe not.  Other potential party members hadn’t answered her question yet.  What took me 2.3 seconds and lots of jumping was taking them a few weeks.  What gives?

A lot of different scenarios, actually.  While not everyone shares my enthusiasm for all things wedding related, there are other reasons to think long and hard about taking on the role of a bridesmaid.  Brides get lots of advice on how to select, ask, and work with their bridesmaids, but there aren’t that many guides for considering if you want to be a bridesmaid.  It is, after all, a big responsibility with quite a few financial obligations.  So what should bridesmaids think about?

1.  Budget – Do you have the money to be able to give this your all? Before you read into putting budget first, hear me out.  Money definitely isn’t the most important factor of life, and it certainly isn’t the most important factor in being a bridesmaid.  Time is the most important (see #2), but for some people, time equals money.  As a bridesmaid, you have certain roles you need to play.  You need to be the lovely lady who stands up in front (or sits in the front pew) wearing the dress the bride has deemed appropriate and to her liking.  With bridesmaids’ dresses going into the $300 category from some designers, it can be a hefty chunk of change for a dress.  On top of that, you may have to pay for shoes, jewelry, makeup, and a hair stylist.  Add to that the bridal shower costs, the bachelorette costs, shower and wedding gifts, and any other parties you decide to throw for the happy couple, and it adds up.  Fast.

Some brides are amazing people and understand this whole money-suck concept.  It has become more popular for brides to just give their ladies a color and length of a dress and tell them to run with it, find a dress that works within those boundaries and that fits into your budget.  Others have opted to ask bridesmaids to wear black dresses, items they may already have so they don’t have to buy anything else, or shoes that generally fit a predetermined color scheme.  When I was planning my wedding party’s outfits, I just told them I wanted the shoes to be silver.  I didn’t care if they were flats or heels.  They could be new, old, used, ruffly, textured… whatever.

Find a way to talk to your bridesmaids or bride and talk about money expectations.  If you are a bridesmaid and you are clear that you definitely want to be a part but funds are short, it’s helpful to the bride.  Being open from the beginning makes the experience better for everyone.

2.  Time – Where did it all go?

Being a bridesmaid seems like it involves a medium amount of time.  You have spend time picking out dresses, perhaps having a “get to know the bridal party” luncheon or party, planning and hosting the bridal shower and the bachelorette, and, of course, being in the wedding.  But there is so much more to being a wedding party member than that.  The bride is probably going to need help on certain projects, a shoulder to lean on and/or cry on when planning gets stressful (which it will), and more than one trip to pick out and order bridesmaids’ dresses.  The planning of the shower could take multiple meetings, not to mention shopping trips and lots of “homework” time for picking the theme and venue.  If you are the MOH, you should be available to go on different errands with the bride and groom if they ask, eating up more weekend time especially as the wedding gets closer.  The wedding weekend (or week of, depending on the size of the extravaganza) includes rehearsal, rehearsal dinners, running around to vendors to pick up anything last minute, the wedding, and any after-parties or get-togethers.  The medium amount of time just turned into a much larger endeavor.

This sounds cruel, but if you cannot put in the time to help out the bride and your fellow bridesmaids, don’t say that you will be one.  It’s just not fair.  Sure, you may love the bride, but it won’t be fun for anyone if you are constantly trying to duck out of your time responsibilities.  I had a large problem with this with one of my bridal party ladies, and trust me, it was awful.  Realize that sometimes wedding errands pop up and you need to be flexible about it.  Not everything can be planned a month in advance.

At the same time, brides need to be democratic and realistic about their expected schedules.  Not everyone is going to be able to drop whatever they are doing to scour racks of shoes for the “perfect wedding pair” with you.  Sorry, it’s just not always possible.  Make sure your ladies (and gentlemen if it suits you) are aware of the top time priorities so they can put them on their calendars.  Also, give them lots of notice in advance if possible.

3.  People People – Go team!

This one is short.  If you don’t get along well with others, don’t be a bridesmaid.  I’m not sure why you would be one if you didn’t (maybe it’s a family obligation?), but be open to communication and ideas.  Be friendly.  Realize that others have ideas, budgets, and feelings too.  It takes a team to get the wedding to go off without a hitch; no one is trying to show up the others (if you are, seriously… knock it off!).

4.  Boy/Girl Toys – You may have to drop the “+1”

Some weddings just don’t have room on the guest list to allow bridesmaids to bring a date.  It sucks, but it happens.  If this is a job killer, say no.  Don’t whine and hint and make a spectacle because you can’t bring Jim Bob (wow, your boyfriend must be a red neck…).  For brides, I would recommend seeing if you might be able to squeeze in those +1 invites for your bridal party just to make it more of a party for them.  Think of it as a small “thanks” for all of their hard work.

5.  People are watching

You will be up in front of the ceremony with the bride.  Can you handle that?  No, the spotlight won’t be on you personally, but if you don’t like attention, being a bridesmaid may not be for you.  Perhaps you could ask to be a smaller helper instead, helping to hand out programs or arrange decorations before the ceremony or reception.  No one likes to pass out in front of hundreds of people, so know your showcase limits.

There are, of course, hundreds of other thoughts a girl might have when it comes to making a bridesmaid decision.  How well do you know the bride?  Are within a reasonable distance to make it to the wedding?  Can you afford to travel?  Do you believe in marriage enough to be there (I haven’t run into many people in this camp, but they could be out there)?  Are you even available to be at the wedding?  The point is, you need to think through all of your options before honestly committing.

But please.  For the love of Pete.  Don’t make the bride wait three weeks for an answer!


Love in Lowell: Sleepover Time!

Sadly, I have no pictures documenting this.  I think it was because we were all so tired and ready to just chill out before the final push.  While weddings are incredibly fun, the night before can be a stressful event where you really begin to see (A) how much crazy is capable of coming out of your friends and relatives and (B) how well your planning has come together.  Miss Sox had a few more tasks to get done for the next day, but all in all, her planning seemed to have been a success.  She deserved a night with her ladies just soaking it all in.

I think Mr. Library felt the same, and while he was certainly encouraged to be a part of the party, he chose to huddle into a corner chair and let us girls giggle and paint our toenails.  As a person who has had her share of being left out, I wanted him to feel like he was welcomed, and I guess he did, but he just didn’t want to intrude on something that seemed to be a very female custom.  Sometimes I really don’t give him enough credit for how deeply he considers situations.

We popped in some of the billions of wedding movies Miss Sox and I had acquired, and we decided to try starting with the FRIENDS episode where Monica and Chandler get married.  The DVD player didn’t think this was a good idea, freezing every few scenes.  Giving up, we turned on something else and promptly forgot about watching it.

Sistah Sox and Mommy Sox brought out their gifts to Miss Sox before we all went to bed.  They had put their heads together (and virtually consulted with me a little) and come up with a “Wedding Day Survival Kit” and a “Honeymoon Survival Kit.”  Both were done in the utmost taste (no X rated unmentionables in that honeymoon container!), and Miss Sox seemed to really enjoy them.  It was great to see her mom really come around and be excited for her.  It wasn’t always the easiest road during wedding planning, and now it finally felt like her pieces were coming together.

Speaking of coming together, most of our eyelids were doing just that; it was time to hit the hay before Miss Sox’s big day!  Mr. Library and I got bumped out of the air conditioned room due to a surplus of bridesmaids and moved into Brother Sox’s bedroom.  My favorite comment from Miss Sox was to her mother when she appeared concerned about our sleeping arrangement:  “Don’t worry Mom.  They’re married.  They can sleep in the same bed.”

With that, it was the end of the rehearsal day and Miss Sox’s last day as a Miss.  Onto the marriage!

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The Rehearsal Dinner

Love in Lowell: Dinner and a Game

With the religious portion of the rehearsal over (and the church never having burned down for any of the bridesmaids being there!), we all huddled back into Miss Sox’s car to head over to the rehearsal dinner location, an Irish bar in downtown Lowell.  Thank goodness I hadn’t taken my car because I never would have been able to navigate!  Or find parking for that matter.  For a Thursday night when college wasn’t in session, there was a serious parking problem.  No open spots were to be had.  There was also a fair share of crazy drivers, one of whom looked a lot like the priest and promptly cut off Mr. Sox.  Screaming and beeping out the window, we all burst into laughter when we realized it just may have been the priest!  It turns out that it wasn’t, but it made for a lot of comic relief as we drove in circles trying to find a place to park.

Finally, we landed in a parking lot a few blocks away and hoofed it.  There were a few times when Al and Mr. Library were asked to go back to the car to get forgotten gifts, but all in all, it wasn’t so bad.  We were led upstairs to the function room in the bar where the bartender was ready for us.  As an incredibly generous offer, it was an open bar!  Not one to drink a lot at all, I simply drank water and a Malibu Baybreeze.  Yum!

Dinner was served buffet style, and once Brother Sox decided to dig in, the line started.  There was Caesar salad, chicken tenders, chicken alfredo with broccoli, spanikoptia, and some other fried things in which I could not partake.  Al, Mr. Library and I loaded up our plates and found a table. 

Coolest photo ever!

Al had been assigned Sistah Sox’s camera for the night, and I love this one I got of her checking out her work. Once everyone had eaten (and Mr. Sox had solved the problem of the restaurant not supplying enough food), FFIL Sox got up to give a welcoming speech that made people laugh, cry, and smile… sometimes at the same time!It was adorable to hear how much he clearly loved his son and how much he loves and welcomes Miss Sox into his family.  He did a wonderful job highlighting some of the important guests in the room, like relatives and friends who had traveled far distances to attend, and really getting to the heart of the commitment Mr. and Miss Sox were about to make.  It made me wish we had asked someone to give a speech at our rehearsal dinner.After FFIL Sox ended his speech, dessert was brought out and a game began.  Miss Sox had come up with a “getting to know the couple” game that asked participants to look at how much they knew about the Soxes.  To tell you the truth, my knowledge felt inadequate.  Sure, I knew some of the answers from the bridal shower games, but I had no idea what dorm they met in!  The beauty of the game was that you could ask other people in the room, thus getting people to socialize.  Well done, Miss Sox… you must be a teacher or something!

Look at our desserts!  They look delicious (and they were!)  Hooray for iPhones and quick thinking wedding elves!

The game lasted for a while, ending with the couple sharing the answers.  Some that people came up with were hysterical.  It was a great way to get to know the other people in the wedding party.

Once the game was called to a close, it was Brother Sox’s favorite time of the night:  present time!  He had been talking about presents for weeks, and he just wanted to get his hands on his! 

They called each of their members up one by one, giving a little details as to how they met us and how we bonded.  It was personalized and adorable.  It was ultra adorable when it was the siblings’ turns to receive their thank yous.

Once everyone had received their gift bags, we opened them together.  I was floored with their generosity!  Miss Sox ended up gifting us…

flip flops!  My feet rejoiced!pasmina scarves/wraps.  I wear mine all the time to school now!And Coach wallets!  SHUT UP!  I was just laughing with Al about how much I needed a new wallet, and here it was.  And Coach no less!  I use this thing every day!  I love love love it!  Oh, and yes, it does match my pashmina!

As a way of acknowledging how much we loved our gifts, we posed with the bride to show them off.

And I posed with my husband to show how much I loved him.

With people rejoicing and pumped for the next day, it was time to go back to the Sox house to have a girls’ (plus Mr. Library) sleepover!

The Love in Lowell Series:

The Bachelorette Party

Mr. Library and I Arrive

The Wedding Elves Rescue Dessert

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Love in Lowell: We’re Going to the Chapel

Ahh… if only our day was that simple.  It would have been great to save the day with dessert and then simply get ready for the rehearsal, but there was an element missing:  the groom.  Mr. Sox needed to be picked up from his parents’ house about a half hour away so that we all could set up the reception ballroom (which was practically right next door).  Our team of wedding elves was on the job.  We picked up the groom, said hello to FMIL, FFIL, and Dory Sox, and went to Devens Common.

The ballroom, and the Commons itself, was gorgeous.  Despite the rain that had started to fall, the grounds were green and the atmosphere inside was lighted beautifully.  Aunt J was already in overdrive getting the wedding coordinator to show her all of the choices for mirrors, so Miss Sox directed us in how to set up the tables with runners and centerpieces.  We also set up the photo booth area, which was easy enough since the PVC set-up was the exact one we had at our wedding!  Hooray for wedding recycling! 

Within a half an hour, we had everything set up.  Aunt J said she would take care of the rest of it later that evening after the rehearsal, but now it was time for us to go back to Lowell, check on our desserts, and groom ourselves for the actual rehearsal.

With dessert safely in the fridge and people showing up in droves, it was time to get ready to head to the church.  Thankfully, the church was only about a mile away and there were three mirrors available for all of the ladies.  I decided to wear the same dress I had worn to my own rehearsal because (A) I loved it and (B) it was clean from our honeymoon.  I quickly did my hair, helped some of the other girls with dressing, and ran to Miss Sox’s car.  We were running just a little late, and I certainly did not want the reason to be me.

Short car rides are never uneventful when you load a car to capacity with overly excited wedding people.  Mr. Sox drove, Miss Sox sat beside him, and we three wedding elves smooshed into the backseat.  We were well dressed (even though Mr. Library was grousing that I had made him wear a shirt and tie and Mr. Sox wore a nice polo) and ready to go.

The wedding coordinator at the church took over immediately once most of the wedding party had arrived.  Due to a sinkhole the size of a car on Route 93 and traffic on 495, some people were late, but the show had to go on.  We practiced our processional as Mr. Library and Al took pictures.  Mr. Library was still pretty new to my fancy-pants camera, so some of the photos came out a wee bit… um… blurry.

Having gone through my own wedding rehearsal, I knew that it was important to just go with the flow and memorize where you needed to be when.  Don’t fight the system; speak up when you need to, and then just let it happen.  The wedding coordinator was a strict bird, but she did a great job making sure people knew where they needed to be.

Once everyone was in the correct place, it was Mr. Tim’s turn to practice his reading.  By this time, his reading had become legendary.  Why, you ask?  Because it talked about “his lover being a gazelle” and began with a firm and boisterous “Hark!”  It. Was. Hilarious!  We could see that he was trying everything he could to keep it together during his practice, and he did a good job.  But the real question remained… could he keep from laughing tomorrow?

We recessed like champs when we were told to, and just as we hit the end of the aisle, the missing groomsman showed up.  Nice timing!  We practiced a few more times with him in the mix just for good measure.  The priest said, “Now is when you all act like you ALL just got married and walk down the aisle together with your partner.”  Uh… didn’t I just get married for realz?  Hmmm.  Awkward.  At this point, I decided it was a good idea to introduce myself to the man on my arm since we had never met or spoken before.  It turns out his name was Dan and he could walk pretty fast.More aunts and uncles began to appear at the end of the aisle, meaning one thing:  It was time for dinner!  With a last few words about how to get to the restaurant and the wedding coordinator warning Miss Sox that the service had to start on time the next afternoon, we were off to fill our stomachs.

The Love in Lowell Series:

The Bachelorette Party

Mr. Library and I Arrive

The Wedding Elves Rescue Dessert

Love in Lowell: Dessert 911

Welcome to the morning of the rehearsal.  It was hot, sticky, and people were a little on edge from wedding stress.  Once everyone was up and out of the shower, the troops rallied in the foyer to go over the day’s schedule.  Yes, there was a schedule, and yes, it was posted on the wall for double checking.  Miss Sox went through it with all of us, pointing out who needed to be where when.  Al, Mr. Library, and I were a team that day, so we traveled in pack (which was good because I was the only one with a car…).

Our first mission was to find white twinkle lights for the deck at the reception location.  Aunt J had declared that we needed more the night before, so we thought we would drive to nearby Nashua, New Hampshire, to see if the stores had any.  Like the thinker she is, Al called ahead to ask.  Sure enough, they had a few boxes of them, so we headed to the car to leave.  But, just as we were reaching for the door handle, we remembered something else from the night before.  Dessert.  There wasn’t any dessert for the rehearsal dinner that night.  None.  We didn’t happen to think that it was that big of a deal — people could simply eat what they wanted for dinner and fill up on that — but once again, Aunt J put her foot down.  “Women in the C family MUST have dessert.  You’ll just have to come up with something to fill that void!”  Great.  Thanks for more stress, Miss Sox’s face seemed to say.

Miss Sox called Mr. Sox and had asked him to call the venue to ask about options, but with everything else going on, we wedding elves knew we should step up and get it done for them.

Once in Nashua, we located the party store, bought three packages of white lights (which are apparently NOT called “clear”), and decided to give the venue a call.  To our groans and dismay, the rehearsal dinner venue did not do dessert, but we certainly could bring it in on our own.  Okay, well… that opens up options.  But what do we make?  It was a 93 degree day and we had very little time.  As luck would have it, Al’s iPhone came in handy and I noticed a Market Basket in the same shopping plaza as we had parked the car.  Maybe luck was on our side?

The general consensus was that we wanted something with fruit and chocolate, something that was light, and something that could feed 30 people without individual messes.  Fruit tarts became the answer.  We scrolled through dozens of recipes trying to find the one with the least amount of ingredients to keep costs down, and landed on one that used cream cheese, powdered sugar, whatever fruit we wanted, and something called Dream Whip.  Uh… Dream Whip?  What on earth is that?  How do you make a non-dairy whipped cream?!


After what felt like hours of searching, we found the Dream Whip box and were immediately sketched out by it.  Still, there was just no time to spare if we were going to sneak lunch in, so we tossed it in with the rest of our goodies.  In the midst of picking out large quantities of strawberries, Mr. Sox called me and said, “I called the rehearsal venue and they don’t do dessert.”  He remembered his job!  Well done, Groomy!  I told him we had it under control and he didn’t need to worry.  He may or may not have said that we were the best people alive next to his very-soon-to-be-wife.  We may or may not have told him that we knew.

After some lunch at the ever delicious Panera Bread, we went back to Lowell and took over the kitchen.  We had three tarts to get done before other people began coming to the house to get ready to leave for the church.  Al took over slicing the strawberries, I took over figuring out the Dream Whip situation, and Mr. Library did his best to find whatever it is we needed.  Brother Sox, who had been chauffeuring Aunt J around the whole morning, looked relieved to see us and helped us in the kitchen as much as he possibly could.  I think he was just glad to see other people.

Somehow, and I really have no idea how, but somehow, we got dessert ready for 30 people in under twenty minutes.  The Dream Whip, when mixed with cream cheese and powdered sugar, became a delicious almost-cheesecake substance.  After pouring the mixture into chocolate graham cracker crusts, we layered strawberries on top and called it a day.  Mommy Sox and Miss Sox were obviously relieved to know that the situation was handled without any intervention from them, and we were proud to serve our creation at the rehearsal dinner at evening.

But before we get there, we had a church to get to!

The Love in Lowell Series:

The Bachelorette Party

Mr. Library and I Arrive

Love in Lowell: The Early Bird

As I said at the end of the last post, I headed back to Maine, but it was only for a day or two.  Sure, there was plenty to do here.  Mr. Library and I had barely moved into our apartment, there were boxes to unpack, and I had to change all of my information to my married name.  There were still belongings in our parents’ houses too that needed to come to our apartment, like a bureau for me!  There was plenty to do here to keep us busy.

But it didn’t stop me from wishing I was in Massachusetts.  Being a key part of putting on a wedding is an irreplaceable feeling for me; I want to know that I helped to bride however I could and that I helped make her day that much better, stress-free, and special.  Being in Maine, I felt like I was missing that.  Her other bridesmaids had gotten to help with craft projects over the year.  I didn’t.  I just wanted to be a part of it and not be the “slacker” bridesmaid.  I also wanted to spend more time with Al.  Living on separate coasts, quite frankly, sucks.  I wanted to spend as much time with my best friends as possible, and Maine was just getting in the way.

Mr. Library and I were supposed to journey to Lowell on Thursday in time for the rehearsal, but on Wednesday, as I was sitting in the Social Security office waiting my turn to change my name (which was such a NICE process thanks to the lovely woman who waited on me!  She was amazing and super nice!), I got a texted message from Miss Sox.  I texted back that I would be at her house as soon as she said the word.  One conversation led to another, and as soon as I was done changing my name to Mrs. Sox, Mr. Sox and I stuffed our wedding belongings in a suitcase and hit the road!

We arrived at Miss Sox’s house around 2.5 hours later to find wedding craft central.  A hurricane of crafts, random ideas, and drill sergeant-ness had blown in, and it’s name was Aunt J.  As soon as we were greeted at the door, Aunt J gave us jobs to do.  Poor Mr. Library had probably believed that his wedding craft days were over for a little while, but boy was he wrong.  We were given the job of creating tissue paper poofs from a couple of kits Aunt J had picked up.  Being a self-proclaimed expert of poofs, it wasn’t a problem… until she wanted twelve of them and had no idea if Miss Sox was even going to use them.  Sigh.

Soon enough, Mr. Library and I escaped upstairs where the rest of the craft people were hiding out in an air-conditioned room.  This was one heck of a hot and sticky day, so all types of breezes and air conditioning were welcomed.  This room was also a respite from Aunt J.  She was obviously very well-meaning, but I wasn’t ready to be bossed around as much as she could throw down.

After dinner and chatting, we decided to figure out where everyone would be sleeping.  Mommy Sox seemed to raise a little bit of an eyebrow when Miss Sox said Mr. Library and I could share a bed, but Miss Sox reminded her, “Mom, they are MARRIED.  It’s okay!”  Hahaha I love moms.  We all ended up spending the night on Sistah Sox’s floor since (1) it had the most room and (2) it was air-conditioned.  But before any sleeping happened, we had to take one of my favorite photos to commemorate our twelve-year-old sleepover party…

Sleep was important for all involved… Tomorrow was the rehearsal day, and we had no idea what was really in store for us…

The Love in Lowell series:

The Bachelorette Party

Lowell in Love: Ladies Night

Roughly thirty-six hours after returning to U.S. soil, I was leaving my new husband for the night and heading to Massachusetts.  It was time for Miss Sox‘s bachelorette party, and though my body hadn’t adjusted at all to Eastern Standard Time, there was no way I was going to sit this one out.  There was fun and payback to be had!

The rest of the bridesmaids really took the reins on this one since I was gone for so much of the month, and I was pumped to see what they had come up with.  It was great!  Bridesmaid Kater really outdid herself on the food she prepared.  There were tons of hors d’eouvres, ranging from simple cheese and crackers (mmm Irish cheddar!) to Green Goddess dressing to bacon-wrapped scallops.  She also went out of her way to make white plum sangria.  In short, Kater is a cooking goddess with a beautiful apartment to boot.

Our theme for the evening was all things pink, black, and penises (peni?).  What can I say?  It was a classic bachelorette party.  Ladies began to arrive around 7 PM, and the bride arrived a little later.  There was food, drinking, and general laughter at everything.  It was great.  We played pin-the-penis on the stud, and Miss Sox had to assign us penises according to our personalities.  Each one had a little poem to go with it.  Somehow, I got the double-headed one with graduation caps on it.  Maybe because of our ties through grad school?

I think the most fun about this time for me was just being with Bridesmaid Al and Miss Sox, as well as all of the other friends I was making quickly.  These ladies were all wonderful, and it was nice that I didn’t have to play host at this party.  I could simply relax and enjoy it!  I also got to share some stories from Europe, which didn’t hurt either ;-).

After some noshing and putting a few drinks into the bride’s system, we all loaded into three cars to go into Boston.  Trying to get everyone to the same location was a bit hilarious, but thanks to cell phones and GPS systems, everyone made it there.  Bridesmaid Al and I took advantage of the car ride and took ridiculous pictures… 

There is a bar outside of Fenway Park (I know, who has ever heard of such a thing being outside of Fenway?!) that had a live band and a great atmosphere, so we ended up staying there for the night.  

The band was great!  They did fantastic covers of some classic dance tunes and had the whole floor rocking.  We, of course, took charge of getting the dancing really going.

So you know that thing they say about married women attracting more men than single ones?  I (1) think that is totally true and (2) think it also extends to engaged women.  As soon as we really started dancing, we were bombarded by single men looking for partners.  This was my reaction.

Oh dude… you have no idea what’s going on.  Sorry, I’m taken.

Miss Sox had her own line-up of tempting men.  Wearing a veil covered in confetti penises probably had something to do with it.  While most of the men were pretty tame, there was one guy who really took the cake.  And I’m pretty sure Ke$ha wrote a song about him…  Listen as I explain. 

Manny, as we will call him, is a very short man.  Now, most men could fall into this description around Miss Sox as she is around six feet tall, but Manny would have been called this around just about anyone.  I believe he measured in at around 5’4.  But height doesn’t really matter to some people, so why fault him for that?  Well, his height gave us the perfect view of his bald spot and combover.  The wisps of leftover hair were screaming out from being pulled so tightly from one side of his scalp to the other.  Still, no matter.  It’s just hair.  What was the final straw?  His age.  He was almost as old as my dad.  Sorry Manny, but I am not a girl with daddy issues.  I’m pretty sure none of us in this bachelorette party are, so why don’t you try the girl next door who is almost molesting the table?  Great!  Thanks!

No such luck.  He followed us around for the better part of the night, asking if there was anything he could get us or if anyone wanted to really “get down” with him.  Barf.  It continued until Sistah Sox told him off and he left.  I don’t typically condone being mean to people, but sometimes you just have to do it.

Around 1 AM, my body was begging for sleep.  I still wasn’t used to the time change, so I partied through it (but there was no way I was drinking that night… no sleep and alcohol is a bad combo).  Miss Sox decided she wanted to call it a night around 1:30, so we took one last group picture and all headed back to our cars to go back to Kater’s apartment.  I had no idea where I would be sleeping that night, but I figured it would be where the Soxes and Al went.  We travel in pack.

Once we got back to the apartment, people continued to chat and I proceeded to fall asleep on the couch.  About six of us fell asleep there, and all of us were abruptly awoken by pounding on the apartment door.  At 8 AM.  Yeah.  It turns out that there was some sort of gas leak in the building, and the nice people trying to find it wanted to know if we had left the stove on.  Kater’s fiance had no idea, so I piped up that we had in fact shut it off the night before.  How I remembered this detail, I have no idea.  I didn’t even go near the stove!

No one was asked to evacuate, but we were all a little on edge.  No one likes to end their bachelorette story with “and then we got blown up from a gas leak!”  Some people (aka Miss Sox) went back to sleep.  The rest of us snoozed, chatted, and ate leftovers.  

With only days to go before the wedding, we were all excited to come together again for the big day!  I stuck around to hang out with the Sox sisters and Al a little longer, but I couldn’t wait to get home to my husband!  After a meal at Friendly’s (because Al doesn’t have those on the west coast) and some wedding catch-up on the crafting front, I headed back to Maine… for a day or two.