Love in Lowell: Fun in the Sun

With the wedding day festivities behind us, Mr. Library and I woke up in better moods and ready to finish off the wedding weekend with a relaxing luncheon at Mr. Sox’s parents’ house.  After a continental breakfast (which was actually pretty good) and a little sadness because we missed the opportunity to go out to breakfast with the newly-minted Soxes, we packed up our belongings and hit the road… all three miles of it.  Yeah, we were that close to their house.

By the time we arrived, people had already settled into their munchies and were sprawled out across the deck and inside the living room.  There was quite a spread of food, and the newlyweds were busy greeting everyone.  If any brides out there are thinking about having a “day after” event, I highly recommend it for no other purpose than being able to speak to people and really enjoy their company.  Wedding days are crazy, and the day after allows you to soak in more of the attention and love.

I still had my helpful bridesmaid hat on, so I ran around doing whatever the bride needed, like getting pins to make sure her bra didn’t creep out of her dress.  We mingled with other wedding party members and caught up on all of the scandalous tales from the night before.  Apparently, Brother Sox kissed a 20-year-old woman?  And then promptly forgot her name.  Oh yeah, and he had brought a date to the wedding, though I think they were just friends.  Ahhh, Brother Sox.

People went swimming, lounged in Adirondack chairs, and enjoyed the warm weather.  By the time I decided to get into my bathing suit, everyone was leaving and it was getting cold.  Oh well.  With a few remaining people, Mrs. and Mr. Sox headed back into the house to open some wedding gifts.  I was a little eager yet nervous for them to open the one Mr. Library and I had purchased.  You see, we had already given them their main gift, a super sweet ice cream-making ball, when they came to our wedding, but on our honeymoon, we saw something else that we thought they should have.  I’ll be honest, Mr. Library found them and told me it was a good idea.  I was hesitant.  I was already “that bridesmaid” who had done the panty line during the shower.  Did I want to be “that bridesmaid” who brought the risque wedding gift too?  But then it hit me.  Mrs. Sox brought me to a pole dancing class.  Yep, we were giving this gift!

What was it?  We got them two kitchen aprons from Italy, one with the body of the Venus and the other with the body of the David.  Oh yeah, we went there.  We Libraries are nothing but classy!  I think Mrs. Sox was a little mortified to open the gift in front of some parental figures in the room, but Mr. Sox got a kick out of them.  And for the record, I’m pretty sure Mommy Sox will never look at me the same way again.  Ever.

Once a few gifts were opened and *cough* enjoyed, we cleaned up the food and beverages and decided it was time to say our goodbyes.  The newlyweds would be heading off to Mexico in the morning, and Mrs. Sox still needed to go shopping for some last minute supplies.  Sunscreen, anyone?  It was sad to go, but we knew they would have a blast.  We thanked everyone for having us, packed up our car, and drove the 3.5 hours home, exhausted, happy, and a little sunburned.  The Sox wedding had been a major success, and I had managed not to mess up her wedding.  It was win-win all around.

Almost Six Months Later Update:

Mrs. Sox and Mr. Sox have recently moved into their own apartment and love it!  I wish we were able to see them more, but when we move to Massachusetts in the somewhat near future, we will be able to a whole lot more!  Happy almost six month anniversary, Soxes!

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2 responses to “Love in Lowell: Fun in the Sun

  1. Just found your blog on wedding bee and can’t WAIT to check out all the wedding post. I really love wedding recaps! Look forward to reading more 🙂

  2. I’m loving your recaps! It’s sad that they’re coming close to an end.

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