Love in Lowell: Show Time!

The hour was finally upon us.  It was time for Miss Sox to become Mrs. Sox and marry the man she loved to dearly.  When we got into the limo after the picture session, we realized that we had a lot of little fixes to make since the wind had done its best to mess up our hair and dresses.  Thank goodness for the huge bottles of hairspray we were all toting around!

Once we left the limo, Miss Sox said to make her entrance and the rest of us scooted into the church to get out of the way.  First, we were told to go downstairs into the waiting room.  Okay, great.  And then we were scolded for going downstairs because the waiting room hadn’t existed since the 1980s.  Oh.  Okay.  Just put me where you want me.  They finally lined us up on the side of the main entryway to the aisle.  We were all excited and giggly and pumped for what was about to happen.  Miss Sox had made her way out of the car and was waiting behind the scenes too.  We were ready.

And then someone’s phone rang.  It was the ring bearer’s parents; they were stuck in the same 495 traffic that had plagued people the day before, except this time it was worse.  Other wedding guests were stuck in the same situation.  What did Miss Sox want to do, the groomsmen asked.  She had no choice.  The church’s schedule was tight, and there was no room for starting the ceremony late.  The show had to go on, and that was that.  I think it saddened most of us to know that there had already been so many speed bumps thanks to the traffic jam, but the ceremony would be beautiful either way.

Ringbearer-less, the processional began.  The parents and grandparents walked and were seated.  The groomsmen took their spots.  The two bridesmaids before me started to float down the aisle.  Before I left the starting gate, Miss Sox told me to “have fun and wave to people.”  Um… okay!  I can wave at the two people I know in this huge church!  Hey there, Al and Mr. Library!  Love you both!

Sadly, Mr. Library took the “no photos” policy set forth by the church very seriously and took NO photos of the ceremony.  I don’t blame him, though.  I knew I married a rule follower.

As I walked, I had so much going through my head and yet nothing at all.  I remembered to smile.  I didn’t fall on my face.  I remembered that I had to bow before I took my place in the pew.  I had even remembered to put my wedding hanky in my dress so that I could blow my nose for the waterworks I knew would be coming.  This was Miss Sox’s wedding and I was IN it!  So THIS is what it feels like to be a bridesmaid!

The rest of the bridesmaids made their entrances before it was Miss Sox’s and Daddy Sox’s turn.  She probably made it a total of ten feet before I started crying.  The look on Mr. Sox’s face did it to me.  He began tearing up again, even though he had seen her twenty minutes before.  This was the day she became his wife.  This was the day they promised forever.  He just couldn’t wait.  They both couldn’t wait.

The ceremony itself has since blurred in my memory.  I remember the homily given by the priest was heart-felt and loving, and I can remember wishing that our priest had said something along those lines as well.  There was a lot of kneeling, and we all had to look at bridesmaid/SIL Dory to get the timing right, as she was the only practicing Catholic in the bunch.  When it was her turn to get up to say the prayers of the faithful, I gave her my hanky since she was bawling just as much as I was.  Hold it together, Dory!  You have to read now!

The ceremony came to a close with the final proclamation that Mr. Sox and Miss Sox were now married!  HOORAY!  I’m not sure what they did, but they certainly did not “walk” back down the aisle.  Flying is more like it!  The rest of us joined up with our groomsmen matches and followed them out.  We said congratulations to them with multiple hugs in the receiving line and then were ushered out the door by all of the waiting family members and friends waiting to soak in the newlywed love and excitement.  I hung around with some of the bridesmaids before Al and Mr. Library came out of the church.  There was quite a crowd of people waiting for the newlyweds to celebrate with them!

At some point, someone had given out pink party-blowers (yes, that is their technical name) to blow when the newlyweds emerged from the church.  I had to make sure my was working.

Mr. Library still thinks this is an awesome picture of me.  Well, at least he’s married to me.

Finally, after tons of hugs and kisses, the new Mr. and Mrs. Sox emerged from the church,greeted the crowd and gave a quick thank you hug to the priest, and then were ushered into the limo to go to the reception.The bridal party jumped in behind them and then we took off!  Mr. Library and Al caravan-ed their way there so they wouldn’t get lost.  I knew I wouldn’t get lost being with the bridal party!  The car was packed with so much energy and champagne.  We all got out glasses and toasted to the newlyweds.  I handed out granola bars I had packed to those who were hungry, and then we rode.  Somehow, Mrs. Sox got her Spanx tummy panel off without undoing her dress or flashing anyone, which still impresses me today.  My groomsman partner Dan sat next to me and struck up a conversation.  We ended up chatting about Europe, and when I enthusiastically told him I had just gotten back from Ireland and Italy, he asked why I had gone on the trip.

“Oh, for my honeymoon!” I responded overly enthusiastically (since I was still, in my mind, on my honeymoon… it’s not over until you say it’s over!).

“Oh.  You’re married?  Huh.  Nice.”  I’m pretty sure those were the words of realization that there wouldn’t be any flirting with his bridesmaid partner.  Sorry Dan!  This lady is taken.

After about 20 minutes in the car, we made it to the reception location.  We all got out (some more gracefully than me)…And then it was off to the party!

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2 responses to “Love in Lowell: Show Time!

  1. You look beautiful! I absolutely love your dress.

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