Love in Lowell: Look at You!

(Bonus points if you can name that movie!)

One of the special moments in Miss Sox’s wedding was the first look.  I had heard of so many other brides who had done them, and with their growing popularity, they almost seem like they are becoming the norm, but I had never actually experienced one.  This was a first in more ways than one.

After we were all piled into the limo at Miss Sox’s abode, the driver took us to where Mr. and Miss Sox first met:  UMass Lowell.  The section of campus they had selected for the first look was gorgeous, the sun shining off from the water, the green open space, the old-school architecture of the surrounding buildings.  This place was built for pictures.

The boys had arrived earlier with their own photographer, Corey, in tow.  Corey is an up-and-coming photographer who I am sad to not have known before my own wedding.  We would have hired him on the spot!  His photos of the guys are swoon-worthy (and I’m not just talking about the gentlemen in them!).  Corey helped the guys get into place once the rest of us bridesmaids trekked up the hill in our heels to let people know we were here.  It was show time!

While we waited for the main photographer to get the bride ready, boutonnieres were handed out and we ladies were asked to put them on our partners.  Due to recent experience, I was a pro and ended up putting them on three different groomsmen.  This task was made more difficult, however, but one common element:  the wind.  The wind was insane! The flowing straps on the back of my dress that I loved so much became projectiles that continually slapped me in the face with every turn.  Our perfect hair became a little less perfect (but everyone loves that wind-blown look, right?).

Now, you would think that since this was the first look and we did all of the bridal party photos here, this post would be loaded with photographic goodness.  Sadly, it’s not.  Why?  Because it’s not my place to dig through Mrs. Sox’s whole online collection of wedding photos and out them.  I’m guilty of it in some of the previous posts, but I think it’s up to her whether she wants them on here or not.  But I can tell you one thing; she looks gorgeous, Mr. Sox was crying before she even got to him, and the bridal party wasn’t anything to sneeze at (except for my photo with Mrs. Sox where it looks like I am an ogre and have to pee.  Seriously.  It’s that bad.).  Actually, I guess that was three or four facts, but you get the idea.  Anywho, back to the story.

Miss Sox was told to walk up behind Mr. Sox for their first look.  The members of the bridal party stood on either side of them for the initial “look,” and then the two lovebirds went to a separate, more private area for to read their letters to each other.  The looks on their faces when they couldn’t see each other were priceless.  Mr. Sox was clearly little-boy-on-Christmas-morning excited and trying to hold back tears, and Miss Sox seemed to have to hold herself back from running towards him.  Ahhh love.  After some kisses, hugs, and a whole lot of “wow,” they made their way away from the bridal party to be alone together.

When they first saw each other, there were two things I wanted to do:  1.  join in on the hug, and 2.  kiss Mr. Library.  I remember the feeling of elation when you first look at your spouse-to-be, and I wanted to relive it all again.  Of course, I wouldn’t have made or kept very many friends if I had done either of those, but the feelings were there.

After their private letter reading, the rest of the group joined in for parents, sibling, and bridal party photos.  Looking back on those photos, they came out amazing for how fast everything went.  Miss Sox knew what she wanted and wasn’t afraid to tell people (in a very nice way!).  We were running a little behind, so when the gentlemen finished their poses, they left to greet guests at the church.  We ladies stayed behind to finish our photos, and then hoped back into the limo to make our way to the main event.  We were going to the chapel and she was going to get married!

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