Love in Lowell: Ready the Dresses

By the time we got back to Miss Sox’s abode, it was time for some lunch.  Mr. Library had been wonderful and put the food out for us to help with timing.  He was also given my camera at this point because, for the rest of the day, I had a lovely job to do.  We all made sandwiches or grabbed yogurts and chilled out for a little bit.  Well, Miss Sox didn’t chill out because she still had her letter to finish, but the rest of us took a minute to take it all in.

During this time, the videographer (a family friend) showed up and began taking some of the “getting ready” clips.  I am almost positive that he got an amazing one of me staring at my boobs and trying to fix them in my shirt.  Maybe that will make the bloopers reel…  The photographer showed up shortly thereafter, and Miss Sox was whisked away to get her makeup professionally done.  The rest of us decided it was a good idea to start the makeup process and rushed upstairs to commandeer the available mirrors.

Remember how I said I wanted to be a super helpful bridesmaid?  Well, I think I definitely pulled my own weight when it came to the makeup situation.  I had done my own makeup for my wedding after going through some training with a MAC cosmetics consultant in the mall, so I figured I could definitely do my own for this wedding.  Somehow word got around and other bridesmaids wanted me to do their makeup too!  Obviously I was flattered that they trusted me so much, but I was nervous.  It’s one thing when you make yourself look ridiculous, but it’s a completely different story when you make not one but two other people look a mess.  Thankfully, Kater and Dory came out liking their looks and looking (in my opinion) gorgeous.  I wouldn’t have let them walk out the door otherwise.

After makeup came dresses.  It took some waiting to get mine, and I lost my temper a little with Mr. Library for not moving our suitcases out of the room earlier in the day.  The room we had slept in had been converted into an ironing room for Miss Sox’s gown, and there was no way to get any of our belongings.  After my stress peaked and then dropped, I took a deep breath and apologized to my husband.  There was no real reason to get upset, and the situation was totally out of our hands at this point.  Lesson learned:  Mr. Library is not a mind reader.

Finally, I snagged my bridesmaids dress, slipped it on, and intercepted Miss Sox’s phone just in time to answer a call from the florist.  She was going to be late due to traffic, but she would be there soon.  Kater and I ran out the door the minute she arrived to help bring in the flowers.

At this point, Miss Sox was already upstairs with Sistah Sox and Mommy Sox getting into her wedding dress.  I was lucky enough to weasel my way into the room somehow (I think I was asked to bring some sort of chair in?) and got to see some of her bridal portraits being taken.  She looked stunning and incredibly happy.  I began to cry almost immediately.

Marisa S Cohen Photography

After her photos were taken, it was time to get some last-minute group shots before climbing into the limo to go to the first look location.  We got the always popular shoe shots…

grabbed our bouquets as Miss Sox took a few more pictures with family…

and just as Miss Sox was almost finished, I felt a tap on my shoulder.  Dory had somehow gotten a rip in her dress.  Was there any way I could fix it?  Thankfully, I had put a sewing kit in the “day of” bag I had prepared and there was thread that matched our dresses exactly.  Al caught it on camera, but no one else knew about our little sewing adventure…

With everyone’s dresses holes-free and the bride excited and ready to go, we headed out the door to our waiting chariot.  It would turn out to be a blessing that we packed some much hairspray…

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2 responses to “Love in Lowell: Ready the Dresses

  1. Aw!! Love all the dresses! What a wonderful friend you are!

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