Love in Lowell: Sleepover Time!

Sadly, I have no pictures documenting this.  I think it was because we were all so tired and ready to just chill out before the final push.  While weddings are incredibly fun, the night before can be a stressful event where you really begin to see (A) how much crazy is capable of coming out of your friends and relatives and (B) how well your planning has come together.  Miss Sox had a few more tasks to get done for the next day, but all in all, her planning seemed to have been a success.  She deserved a night with her ladies just soaking it all in.

I think Mr. Library felt the same, and while he was certainly encouraged to be a part of the party, he chose to huddle into a corner chair and let us girls giggle and paint our toenails.  As a person who has had her share of being left out, I wanted him to feel like he was welcomed, and I guess he did, but he just didn’t want to intrude on something that seemed to be a very female custom.  Sometimes I really don’t give him enough credit for how deeply he considers situations.

We popped in some of the billions of wedding movies Miss Sox and I had acquired, and we decided to try starting with the FRIENDS episode where Monica and Chandler get married.  The DVD player didn’t think this was a good idea, freezing every few scenes.  Giving up, we turned on something else and promptly forgot about watching it.

Sistah Sox and Mommy Sox brought out their gifts to Miss Sox before we all went to bed.  They had put their heads together (and virtually consulted with me a little) and come up with a “Wedding Day Survival Kit” and a “Honeymoon Survival Kit.”  Both were done in the utmost taste (no X rated unmentionables in that honeymoon container!), and Miss Sox seemed to really enjoy them.  It was great to see her mom really come around and be excited for her.  It wasn’t always the easiest road during wedding planning, and now it finally felt like her pieces were coming together.

Speaking of coming together, most of our eyelids were doing just that; it was time to hit the hay before Miss Sox’s big day!  Mr. Library and I got bumped out of the air conditioned room due to a surplus of bridesmaids and moved into Brother Sox’s bedroom.  My favorite comment from Miss Sox was to her mother when she appeared concerned about our sleeping arrangement:  “Don’t worry Mom.  They’re married.  They can sleep in the same bed.”

With that, it was the end of the rehearsal day and Miss Sox’s last day as a Miss.  Onto the marriage!

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