Love in Lowell: We’re Going to the Chapel

Ahh… if only our day was that simple.  It would have been great to save the day with dessert and then simply get ready for the rehearsal, but there was an element missing:  the groom.  Mr. Sox needed to be picked up from his parents’ house about a half hour away so that we all could set up the reception ballroom (which was practically right next door).  Our team of wedding elves was on the job.  We picked up the groom, said hello to FMIL, FFIL, and Dory Sox, and went to Devens Common.

The ballroom, and the Commons itself, was gorgeous.  Despite the rain that had started to fall, the grounds were green and the atmosphere inside was lighted beautifully.  Aunt J was already in overdrive getting the wedding coordinator to show her all of the choices for mirrors, so Miss Sox directed us in how to set up the tables with runners and centerpieces.  We also set up the photo booth area, which was easy enough since the PVC set-up was the exact one we had at our wedding!  Hooray for wedding recycling! 

Within a half an hour, we had everything set up.  Aunt J said she would take care of the rest of it later that evening after the rehearsal, but now it was time for us to go back to Lowell, check on our desserts, and groom ourselves for the actual rehearsal.

With dessert safely in the fridge and people showing up in droves, it was time to get ready to head to the church.  Thankfully, the church was only about a mile away and there were three mirrors available for all of the ladies.  I decided to wear the same dress I had worn to my own rehearsal because (A) I loved it and (B) it was clean from our honeymoon.  I quickly did my hair, helped some of the other girls with dressing, and ran to Miss Sox’s car.  We were running just a little late, and I certainly did not want the reason to be me.

Short car rides are never uneventful when you load a car to capacity with overly excited wedding people.  Mr. Sox drove, Miss Sox sat beside him, and we three wedding elves smooshed into the backseat.  We were well dressed (even though Mr. Library was grousing that I had made him wear a shirt and tie and Mr. Sox wore a nice polo) and ready to go.

The wedding coordinator at the church took over immediately once most of the wedding party had arrived.  Due to a sinkhole the size of a car on Route 93 and traffic on 495, some people were late, but the show had to go on.  We practiced our processional as Mr. Library and Al took pictures.  Mr. Library was still pretty new to my fancy-pants camera, so some of the photos came out a wee bit… um… blurry.

Having gone through my own wedding rehearsal, I knew that it was important to just go with the flow and memorize where you needed to be when.  Don’t fight the system; speak up when you need to, and then just let it happen.  The wedding coordinator was a strict bird, but she did a great job making sure people knew where they needed to be.

Once everyone was in the correct place, it was Mr. Tim’s turn to practice his reading.  By this time, his reading had become legendary.  Why, you ask?  Because it talked about “his lover being a gazelle” and began with a firm and boisterous “Hark!”  It. Was. Hilarious!  We could see that he was trying everything he could to keep it together during his practice, and he did a good job.  But the real question remained… could he keep from laughing tomorrow?

We recessed like champs when we were told to, and just as we hit the end of the aisle, the missing groomsman showed up.  Nice timing!  We practiced a few more times with him in the mix just for good measure.  The priest said, “Now is when you all act like you ALL just got married and walk down the aisle together with your partner.”  Uh… didn’t I just get married for realz?  Hmmm.  Awkward.  At this point, I decided it was a good idea to introduce myself to the man on my arm since we had never met or spoken before.  It turns out his name was Dan and he could walk pretty fast.More aunts and uncles began to appear at the end of the aisle, meaning one thing:  It was time for dinner!  With a last few words about how to get to the restaurant and the wedding coordinator warning Miss Sox that the service had to start on time the next afternoon, we were off to fill our stomachs.

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