Love in Lowell: Dinner and a Game

With the religious portion of the rehearsal over (and the church never having burned down for any of the bridesmaids being there!), we all huddled back into Miss Sox’s car to head over to the rehearsal dinner location, an Irish bar in downtown Lowell.  Thank goodness I hadn’t taken my car because I never would have been able to navigate!  Or find parking for that matter.  For a Thursday night when college wasn’t in session, there was a serious parking problem.  No open spots were to be had.  There was also a fair share of crazy drivers, one of whom looked a lot like the priest and promptly cut off Mr. Sox.  Screaming and beeping out the window, we all burst into laughter when we realized it just may have been the priest!  It turns out that it wasn’t, but it made for a lot of comic relief as we drove in circles trying to find a place to park.

Finally, we landed in a parking lot a few blocks away and hoofed it.  There were a few times when Al and Mr. Library were asked to go back to the car to get forgotten gifts, but all in all, it wasn’t so bad.  We were led upstairs to the function room in the bar where the bartender was ready for us.  As an incredibly generous offer, it was an open bar!  Not one to drink a lot at all, I simply drank water and a Malibu Baybreeze.  Yum!

Dinner was served buffet style, and once Brother Sox decided to dig in, the line started.  There was Caesar salad, chicken tenders, chicken alfredo with broccoli, spanikoptia, and some other fried things in which I could not partake.  Al, Mr. Library and I loaded up our plates and found a table. 

Coolest photo ever!

Al had been assigned Sistah Sox’s camera for the night, and I love this one I got of her checking out her work. Once everyone had eaten (and Mr. Sox had solved the problem of the restaurant not supplying enough food), FFIL Sox got up to give a welcoming speech that made people laugh, cry, and smile… sometimes at the same time!It was adorable to hear how much he clearly loved his son and how much he loves and welcomes Miss Sox into his family.  He did a wonderful job highlighting some of the important guests in the room, like relatives and friends who had traveled far distances to attend, and really getting to the heart of the commitment Mr. and Miss Sox were about to make.  It made me wish we had asked someone to give a speech at our rehearsal dinner.After FFIL Sox ended his speech, dessert was brought out and a game began.  Miss Sox had come up with a “getting to know the couple” game that asked participants to look at how much they knew about the Soxes.  To tell you the truth, my knowledge felt inadequate.  Sure, I knew some of the answers from the bridal shower games, but I had no idea what dorm they met in!  The beauty of the game was that you could ask other people in the room, thus getting people to socialize.  Well done, Miss Sox… you must be a teacher or something!

Look at our desserts!  They look delicious (and they were!)  Hooray for iPhones and quick thinking wedding elves!

The game lasted for a while, ending with the couple sharing the answers.  Some that people came up with were hysterical.  It was a great way to get to know the other people in the wedding party.

Once the game was called to a close, it was Brother Sox’s favorite time of the night:  present time!  He had been talking about presents for weeks, and he just wanted to get his hands on his! 

They called each of their members up one by one, giving a little details as to how they met us and how we bonded.  It was personalized and adorable.  It was ultra adorable when it was the siblings’ turns to receive their thank yous.

Once everyone had received their gift bags, we opened them together.  I was floored with their generosity!  Miss Sox ended up gifting us…

flip flops!  My feet rejoiced!pasmina scarves/wraps.  I wear mine all the time to school now!And Coach wallets!  SHUT UP!  I was just laughing with Al about how much I needed a new wallet, and here it was.  And Coach no less!  I use this thing every day!  I love love love it!  Oh, and yes, it does match my pashmina!

As a way of acknowledging how much we loved our gifts, we posed with the bride to show them off.

And I posed with my husband to show how much I loved him.

With people rejoicing and pumped for the next day, it was time to go back to the Sox house to have a girls’ (plus Mr. Library) sleepover!

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3 responses to “Love in Lowell: Dinner and a Game

  1. FIL Sox’s speech was incredible.. definitely a memorable moment.
    i love the pink of your scarf!
    and i thought the game was probably the best part of the night. i loved the competitiveness of people but also how the goal actually happened.. people talked to each other! my mom was practically embarrassed by my teacher skillz. 😀 she laughed at my use of wait time and the way i talked to people.

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