Love in Lowell: Dessert 911

Welcome to the morning of the rehearsal.  It was hot, sticky, and people were a little on edge from wedding stress.  Once everyone was up and out of the shower, the troops rallied in the foyer to go over the day’s schedule.  Yes, there was a schedule, and yes, it was posted on the wall for double checking.  Miss Sox went through it with all of us, pointing out who needed to be where when.  Al, Mr. Library, and I were a team that day, so we traveled in pack (which was good because I was the only one with a car…).

Our first mission was to find white twinkle lights for the deck at the reception location.  Aunt J had declared that we needed more the night before, so we thought we would drive to nearby Nashua, New Hampshire, to see if the stores had any.  Like the thinker she is, Al called ahead to ask.  Sure enough, they had a few boxes of them, so we headed to the car to leave.  But, just as we were reaching for the door handle, we remembered something else from the night before.  Dessert.  There wasn’t any dessert for the rehearsal dinner that night.  None.  We didn’t happen to think that it was that big of a deal — people could simply eat what they wanted for dinner and fill up on that — but once again, Aunt J put her foot down.  “Women in the C family MUST have dessert.  You’ll just have to come up with something to fill that void!”  Great.  Thanks for more stress, Miss Sox’s face seemed to say.

Miss Sox called Mr. Sox and had asked him to call the venue to ask about options, but with everything else going on, we wedding elves knew we should step up and get it done for them.

Once in Nashua, we located the party store, bought three packages of white lights (which are apparently NOT called “clear”), and decided to give the venue a call.  To our groans and dismay, the rehearsal dinner venue did not do dessert, but we certainly could bring it in on our own.  Okay, well… that opens up options.  But what do we make?  It was a 93 degree day and we had very little time.  As luck would have it, Al’s iPhone came in handy and I noticed a Market Basket in the same shopping plaza as we had parked the car.  Maybe luck was on our side?

The general consensus was that we wanted something with fruit and chocolate, something that was light, and something that could feed 30 people without individual messes.  Fruit tarts became the answer.  We scrolled through dozens of recipes trying to find the one with the least amount of ingredients to keep costs down, and landed on one that used cream cheese, powdered sugar, whatever fruit we wanted, and something called Dream Whip.  Uh… Dream Whip?  What on earth is that?  How do you make a non-dairy whipped cream?!


After what felt like hours of searching, we found the Dream Whip box and were immediately sketched out by it.  Still, there was just no time to spare if we were going to sneak lunch in, so we tossed it in with the rest of our goodies.  In the midst of picking out large quantities of strawberries, Mr. Sox called me and said, “I called the rehearsal venue and they don’t do dessert.”  He remembered his job!  Well done, Groomy!  I told him we had it under control and he didn’t need to worry.  He may or may not have said that we were the best people alive next to his very-soon-to-be-wife.  We may or may not have told him that we knew.

After some lunch at the ever delicious Panera Bread, we went back to Lowell and took over the kitchen.  We had three tarts to get done before other people began coming to the house to get ready to leave for the church.  Al took over slicing the strawberries, I took over figuring out the Dream Whip situation, and Mr. Library did his best to find whatever it is we needed.  Brother Sox, who had been chauffeuring Aunt J around the whole morning, looked relieved to see us and helped us in the kitchen as much as he possibly could.  I think he was just glad to see other people.

Somehow, and I really have no idea how, but somehow, we got dessert ready for 30 people in under twenty minutes.  The Dream Whip, when mixed with cream cheese and powdered sugar, became a delicious almost-cheesecake substance.  After pouring the mixture into chocolate graham cracker crusts, we layered strawberries on top and called it a day.  Mommy Sox and Miss Sox were obviously relieved to know that the situation was handled without any intervention from them, and we were proud to serve our creation at the rehearsal dinner at evening.

But before we get there, we had a church to get to!

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4 responses to “Love in Lowell: Dessert 911

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  2. ooh, speaking of, there are left over lights. my mom would like to know if you want them 😀

    nothing says wedding like difficult family members…

    is it bad that i can NOT remember what i did this day?! i assume something with the venue..?

  3. You, my dear, went to get your nails done with Sistah Sox and Mommy Sox, went to the venue with us to set up the mirrors and centerpieces, garbled down leftover spaghetti with lemon and shrimp for lunch, and brought a bunch of potted plants to the venue. Oh, and you had to rush through wrapping the bridal party gifts, writing thank you notes, and getting dressed.

    And tell Mommy Sox I would love some. I believe in running up our electricity bill for the holiday season.

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