Lowell in Love: Ladies Night

Roughly thirty-six hours after returning to U.S. soil, I was leaving my new husband for the night and heading to Massachusetts.  It was time for Miss Sox‘s bachelorette party, and though my body hadn’t adjusted at all to Eastern Standard Time, there was no way I was going to sit this one out.  There was fun and payback to be had!

The rest of the bridesmaids really took the reins on this one since I was gone for so much of the month, and I was pumped to see what they had come up with.  It was great!  Bridesmaid Kater really outdid herself on the food she prepared.  There were tons of hors d’eouvres, ranging from simple cheese and crackers (mmm Irish cheddar!) to Green Goddess dressing to bacon-wrapped scallops.  She also went out of her way to make white plum sangria.  In short, Kater is a cooking goddess with a beautiful apartment to boot.

Our theme for the evening was all things pink, black, and penises (peni?).  What can I say?  It was a classic bachelorette party.  Ladies began to arrive around 7 PM, and the bride arrived a little later.  There was food, drinking, and general laughter at everything.  It was great.  We played pin-the-penis on the stud, and Miss Sox had to assign us penises according to our personalities.  Each one had a little poem to go with it.  Somehow, I got the double-headed one with graduation caps on it.  Maybe because of our ties through grad school?

I think the most fun about this time for me was just being with Bridesmaid Al and Miss Sox, as well as all of the other friends I was making quickly.  These ladies were all wonderful, and it was nice that I didn’t have to play host at this party.  I could simply relax and enjoy it!  I also got to share some stories from Europe, which didn’t hurt either ;-).

After some noshing and putting a few drinks into the bride’s system, we all loaded into three cars to go into Boston.  Trying to get everyone to the same location was a bit hilarious, but thanks to cell phones and GPS systems, everyone made it there.  Bridesmaid Al and I took advantage of the car ride and took ridiculous pictures… 

There is a bar outside of Fenway Park (I know, who has ever heard of such a thing being outside of Fenway?!) that had a live band and a great atmosphere, so we ended up staying there for the night.  

The band was great!  They did fantastic covers of some classic dance tunes and had the whole floor rocking.  We, of course, took charge of getting the dancing really going.

So you know that thing they say about married women attracting more men than single ones?  I (1) think that is totally true and (2) think it also extends to engaged women.  As soon as we really started dancing, we were bombarded by single men looking for partners.  This was my reaction.

Oh dude… you have no idea what’s going on.  Sorry, I’m taken.

Miss Sox had her own line-up of tempting men.  Wearing a veil covered in confetti penises probably had something to do with it.  While most of the men were pretty tame, there was one guy who really took the cake.  And I’m pretty sure Ke$ha wrote a song about him…  Listen as I explain. 

Manny, as we will call him, is a very short man.  Now, most men could fall into this description around Miss Sox as she is around six feet tall, but Manny would have been called this around just about anyone.  I believe he measured in at around 5’4.  But height doesn’t really matter to some people, so why fault him for that?  Well, his height gave us the perfect view of his bald spot and combover.  The wisps of leftover hair were screaming out from being pulled so tightly from one side of his scalp to the other.  Still, no matter.  It’s just hair.  What was the final straw?  His age.  He was almost as old as my dad.  Sorry Manny, but I am not a girl with daddy issues.  I’m pretty sure none of us in this bachelorette party are, so why don’t you try the girl next door who is almost molesting the table?  Great!  Thanks!

No such luck.  He followed us around for the better part of the night, asking if there was anything he could get us or if anyone wanted to really “get down” with him.  Barf.  It continued until Sistah Sox told him off and he left.  I don’t typically condone being mean to people, but sometimes you just have to do it.

Around 1 AM, my body was begging for sleep.  I still wasn’t used to the time change, so I partied through it (but there was no way I was drinking that night… no sleep and alcohol is a bad combo).  Miss Sox decided she wanted to call it a night around 1:30, so we took one last group picture and all headed back to our cars to go back to Kater’s apartment.  I had no idea where I would be sleeping that night, but I figured it would be where the Soxes and Al went.  We travel in pack.

Once we got back to the apartment, people continued to chat and I proceeded to fall asleep on the couch.  About six of us fell asleep there, and all of us were abruptly awoken by pounding on the apartment door.  At 8 AM.  Yeah.  It turns out that there was some sort of gas leak in the building, and the nice people trying to find it wanted to know if we had left the stove on.  Kater’s fiance had no idea, so I piped up that we had in fact shut it off the night before.  How I remembered this detail, I have no idea.  I didn’t even go near the stove!

No one was asked to evacuate, but we were all a little on edge.  No one likes to end their bachelorette story with “and then we got blown up from a gas leak!”  Some people (aka Miss Sox) went back to sleep.  The rest of us snoozed, chatted, and ate leftovers.  

With only days to go before the wedding, we were all excited to come together again for the big day!  I stuck around to hang out with the Sox sisters and Al a little longer, but I couldn’t wait to get home to my husband!  After a meal at Friendly’s (because Al doesn’t have those on the west coast) and some wedding catch-up on the crafting front, I headed back to Maine… for a day or two.


4 responses to “Lowell in Love: Ladies Night

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  3. ahahaha the last picture is my favorite!!

    i also enjoyed sarah’s comment.. she asked why anyone would knock on the door at that ungodly hour and when tim responded that he was there to tell us about a possible gas leak, she yelled “you keep knocking buddy!” 😀

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