Love in Lowell: The Early Bird

As I said at the end of the last post, I headed back to Maine, but it was only for a day or two.  Sure, there was plenty to do here.  Mr. Library and I had barely moved into our apartment, there were boxes to unpack, and I had to change all of my information to my married name.  There were still belongings in our parents’ houses too that needed to come to our apartment, like a bureau for me!  There was plenty to do here to keep us busy.

But it didn’t stop me from wishing I was in Massachusetts.  Being a key part of putting on a wedding is an irreplaceable feeling for me; I want to know that I helped to bride however I could and that I helped make her day that much better, stress-free, and special.  Being in Maine, I felt like I was missing that.  Her other bridesmaids had gotten to help with craft projects over the year.  I didn’t.  I just wanted to be a part of it and not be the “slacker” bridesmaid.  I also wanted to spend more time with Al.  Living on separate coasts, quite frankly, sucks.  I wanted to spend as much time with my best friends as possible, and Maine was just getting in the way.

Mr. Library and I were supposed to journey to Lowell on Thursday in time for the rehearsal, but on Wednesday, as I was sitting in the Social Security office waiting my turn to change my name (which was such a NICE process thanks to the lovely woman who waited on me!  She was amazing and super nice!), I got a texted message from Miss Sox.  I texted back that I would be at her house as soon as she said the word.  One conversation led to another, and as soon as I was done changing my name to Mrs. Sox, Mr. Sox and I stuffed our wedding belongings in a suitcase and hit the road!

We arrived at Miss Sox’s house around 2.5 hours later to find wedding craft central.  A hurricane of crafts, random ideas, and drill sergeant-ness had blown in, and it’s name was Aunt J.  As soon as we were greeted at the door, Aunt J gave us jobs to do.  Poor Mr. Library had probably believed that his wedding craft days were over for a little while, but boy was he wrong.  We were given the job of creating tissue paper poofs from a couple of kits Aunt J had picked up.  Being a self-proclaimed expert of poofs, it wasn’t a problem… until she wanted twelve of them and had no idea if Miss Sox was even going to use them.  Sigh.

Soon enough, Mr. Library and I escaped upstairs where the rest of the craft people were hiding out in an air-conditioned room.  This was one heck of a hot and sticky day, so all types of breezes and air conditioning were welcomed.  This room was also a respite from Aunt J.  She was obviously very well-meaning, but I wasn’t ready to be bossed around as much as she could throw down.

After dinner and chatting, we decided to figure out where everyone would be sleeping.  Mommy Sox seemed to raise a little bit of an eyebrow when Miss Sox said Mr. Library and I could share a bed, but Miss Sox reminded her, “Mom, they are MARRIED.  It’s okay!”  Hahaha I love moms.  We all ended up spending the night on Sistah Sox’s floor since (1) it had the most room and (2) it was air-conditioned.  But before any sleeping happened, we had to take one of my favorite photos to commemorate our twelve-year-old sleepover party…

Sleep was important for all involved… Tomorrow was the rehearsal day, and we had no idea what was really in store for us…

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