Volumes of Love: Gifting Each Other

Part way through our relaxing morning, there was a knock at the door.  It was Groomsman D, Best Man K, and Rachel, there to give me my first gift from Mr. Library and read the poem he had written for me that day.  They also turned it into a theatrical production where Rachel pretended to be mad at K, though it wasn’t hard to fake since she really was.  He had kept her awake half the night with his bear-like snoring.

Mr. Library and I had decided to give each other wedding gifts just to commemorate the day and the occasion.  We had put a price limit on it ($50, though I’m pretty sure both of us went over it) so we wouldn’t feel the need to do something really big.  We were, after all, giving each other the best gift later in the day, our love for the rest of our lives.Groomsman D read the poem, which, I have to admit, was a little embarrassing.  I’ve never had poetry read out loud to me before, and since it was my soon-to-be husband’s writing, I felt like I should be the only one to read it.  However, everyone in the room seemed to like it, so it was just me being neurotic (go figure, right?).I still don’t understand why Best Man K was eating Wheat Thins, though the box was supposed to be a box of Life cereal?  Maybe it’s a theatre thing…Rachel came in and handed over the first gift.  Because my nails were just painted, I had someone else open it for me.  Ahh, the life of a bride…Mr. Library had purchased the game of Life off from our registry and had totally lied about who he thought had purchased it.  He told me he bet Bridesmaid C and boyfriend A bought it for us because we played the game during one epic camping trip in college.

It was my turn to send gifts to Mr. Library around noon.  I had told him he would have to wait for some of his gifts, but I would be sending a couple to him during our getting ready time.  I sent Miss Sox and Bridesmaid Al to the Groom’s Cave, and Sister Library decided to go along as well.The first gift they handed Mr. Library was an unwrapped box of Cheez-its.  I tend to steal crackers from Mr. Library’s plate (a lot!), so I wrote him a note that said “For all of those times you shared but didn’t want to.”  Mr. Library’s reaction?  “She owes me more boxes than this.”  Classic.The second gift was marked for Mr. Library and his Groom Squad.  They seemed confused as to why I was sending a gift to them, but I made it pretty clear in the letter I wrote to them and Mr. Library.  I told them that I was so thankful that they were part of Mr. Library’s life and that they are all wonderful people.  I also wrote that I wanted them to be witnesses of what was about to happen.  No, not just the wedding, but the fact that I was giving Mr. Library what he never thought I would be okay with:  A mustache!Needless to say, they were a huge hit.  They were also enjoyed at the photo booth later in the evening (and in another wedding!).

The final gift of this exchange was just for Mr. Library.  We had agreed to exchange letters to each other that we wrote during the day, so I sent my letter and a small gift for him to enjoy during the day.  I wanted to get him something that was very him, so I came up with theatre mask cufflinks, as Mr. Library studied and has a giant man-crush on everything theatre.We weren’t completely done with the gift giving, but we were pleased with how both sessions had gone thus far.  Plus, the best present was yet to come!

Walk me through this:

Our bridal party began to come together!

We did as UPS does!

We’re cat-walking baby!

We practiced eating!

Our wedding gets Jewish!

The girls and I have a slumber party!

I fell in love with a poet.

Mr. Library runs around.

Wake up call!


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