Volumes of Love: Let’s Eat!

Somehow my car always seemed to be the last one to any of our rehearsal events.  When Mr. Library, Bridesmaid Al, and I showed up to the Jolly Drayman, festivities (aka food and drinks) were in full swing.  After finding a spot to stash the goodies for our friends and family, Mr. Library and I went to get some appetizers and something to drink.

When we booked the Jolly Drayman back in March, we had tried the food beforehand to make sure it was really what we wanted.  Though our meals were thoroughly spiced with black pepper, we decided it was a good choice and decided to go ahead with it as our venue.  MIL Library took over the rehearsal dinner, bless her, and made the arrangements with the staff.  It was fabulous not having to worry about decorations, seating arrangements, etc. for part of the wedding weekend, but I found that parts of our dinner were missing something.  For example, when I went to order a drink, I asked what was in the special rum drink they were serving.  The bartender’s response was a blunt, “A bunch of stuff.  I guess the bride likes fruit and rum, so it’s a mix.  Ask her.”  Uh… Hi.  I’m the bride, and I still have no idea what’s in the drink, but thanks for your lack of help.

The rest of the evening seemed to go over well without too many snafus.  Everyone loved the slideshow and laughed at our pictures from over the years.Our friends and family enjoyed the food and each other’s company during the cocktail hour.We were told when the staff was ready to start taking orders for dinner, so we herded into the dining room to take our seats at the tables.  The set-up of the room left something to be desired, as Mom and Dad Library, along with Bridesmaid C, boyfriend A, and our munchkin squad with their mom C were in a separate room that opened up into ours.  Still, no one complained out loud and we made it work.After placing our orders and admiring the lovelies on the tables, Mr. Library and I grabbed our boxes of goodies to hand out to our friends and family.  Mr. Library took the reins on kicking us off with the speech, and man, did he come up with a brilliant one.  He pulled in one of the songs we had played as our friends and family walk into the wedding and made a beautiful connection.  With his future wife totally impressed, he started telling people how much we loved them and owed them for all of their help.  We started by gifting bookmarks I made to our readers, Rachel and Ralph, Father Walter, and our musicians, Lillian and Linda.  We then gave presents to E, J, and A because they were just too excited to wait!  We got E a rhinestone encrusted heart box with three pearl bracelets.  A got her bright pink bag I made her and a pink camera with a fun flower on it.  J got a similar camera in blue and his personalized “Ring Security” t-shirt.  The cameras were used up in about five minutes.

Our Groom Squad was next.  We had decided to go with the amazing ties from Cyberoptix, and our decision was an excellent one.  The guys loved their ties.We got BIL Library a lobster print, Best Man K an octopus print, and Groomsman D a tie that says “This is not a tie” in French.

Our bridesmaids and groomswoman got similar gifts.  We got them flip flops, a set of pearl earrings and a necklace, jewelry boxes, and I made them hair flowers.  I also wrote all of my girls special notes about how much their love, support, and friendship have helped me along the way.  Their tears showed just how much it meant to them as well.Our parents were the last to receive their tokens of appreciation because we wanted to really say how much they meant to us.  I tried to say something, but lost it halfway through, so Mr. Library took over again.  I love that man.  We got our mothers pearl earrings, bracelets and necklaces, as well as hand-stitched handkerchiefs in colors we thought they would enjoy.  Our dads received black ties like the groomsmen (Dad Library got a tie with honeycomb and bees since he was a bee keeper and FIL Library got one with an oak tree on it) and cufflinks.  Dad Library got plane cufflinks because of his love for World War II, and FIL Library got golf clubs because of his love of the game.  These were lovingly received and worn the next day.

After people’s meals were enjoyed, dessert was brought out for the final round.  I wanted pie more than anything during the planning process, and while my piece was good, I enjoyed the Guinness cheesecake much more.  Good thing Mr. Library willingly (or unwillingly, but lovingly) gives up some bites of his food.With everyone finished and the bill paid, we all left the restaurant full and ready to chill out a little before setting up the ballroom.  The owners of the Jolly Drayman handed us a bottle of Persecco before we left and wished us well.  It was time to put things into hyperdrive for the wedding reception!

Walk me through this:

Our bridal party began to come together!

We did as UPS does!

We’re cat-walking baby!


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