Volumes of Love: Falling Through the Cracks

With our boxes put away in the ballroom closet and my flower color meltdown momentarily dealt with, it was time to get ready for our rehearsal.  It was scheduled to start at 3:30 PM, and by the time we got up into our suite, it was already 3:10.  Not caring who was in the room, I threw on my dress and ran into the bathroom to put on some makeup.

That’s when I saw it.

There, on the side of my face, was a huge patch of pimples, red and disgusting looking.  I’m not a chronic acne sufferer, and I had made sure that I had washed my face every single day before bed for the month leading up to the wedding, so these were really some unwelcomed wedding guests.  Cursing at them in the mirror, I layered some Neutrogena cover-up and called it good.  While doing this, I got the first of many calls in a row.  Mr. Library wanted to know if he could come to our suite to show me the flower petals that would match the rose color for the bouquets.  He also needed to know what room number we were.  To tell you the truth, I had no idea.  I was already stressed out, I had a very small amount of time to get ready, there were four other girls using the bathroom in our suite, and I had to be the bride.  It was a bit much for me to handle.

Thankfully, Mr. Library is the man I am meant for.  He was patient, found our room, and made sure everything was perfect with the flower color.  He had Carole, our florist, typed into his phone to let her know if I wanted the flowers changed or not.  He took care of it all.  Looking back on our days before the wedding, I can’t imagine not having him there to calm me, handle things, and be on the lookout for what he could do to make everything stress free.  And he was fantastic.  And so were the flower petals.  They weren’t red; they were in fact a bright pink.  Was it what I had originally pictured?  No, but I was willing to work with it.  Plus, I still wasn’t ready for the rehearsal!

I slapped on some more makeup and called it a day.  I then realized that not only were my shoes missing, but so were my hair flower and the sash to my dress.  Crap.  With my stress meter on an all-time high, I was nearly in tears when Mr. Library called to say that Groomsman D and his boyfriend weren’t going to be on time to the rehearsal.  Groomsman D was supposed to be in charge of a lot of the logistics of the ceremony, so it was important that he be there.  He had called to say that he would be a half hour late, so I had to suck it up and let everything roll without them.  Such is life.

We were running late (as usual for me) and when we finally made it down to the lobby, everyone was waiting for us.  The musicians had already been at the bridge for about a half hour, and everyone else was here in the hotel.  Our wedding coordinator, Meredith, was a saint and ran to the ballroom closets to get my shoes, sash, and hair flower.  With everything on finally, I turned around to see D and D walk through the door!  Everyone was here, and while it had begun to rain, it was time!

While I had everything for the wedding day planned out, I had no friggin clue what to do at the rehearsal.  Was I supposed to direct people, or did someone else do it?  As it turns out, Meredith directed it.  She had come with us to the bridge and helped put it all together with us.  Soxmeister was our official photographer for the evening.Father Walter, the man in the medium blue shirt, was our priest.  He drove in from Waltham, Massachusetts, to be with us for the weekend.  He was Mr. Library’s priest during undergrad, and when I met him, I knew he was a perfect choice to marry us.  He stands for all I believe to be great with religion and stands up against what I believe to be wrong with it.

After some chatting between Father Walter and Meredith, they had us literally walk through the ceremony.  We lined everyone up and had them practice walking in for pace and arrangement.We had our moms and FIL Library go down the aisle first.  Groomswoman K walked FIL Library down, BIL Library walked MIL Library down, and Groomsman D walked Mom Library down.  They look very serious in this picture.Mr. Library decided that he wanted to walk in with Best Man K.  These two have a certified bromance, so it was cute and a little hilarious to see them walking down the aisle together.

After the Groom Squad was placed, it was time for my ladies to make their entrances.Bridesmaid AlBridesmaid/Cousin AThe ever attractive Miss SoxBridesmaid CMaid of Honor/Sister LibraryE, our flower girl extraordinaire who we would find an absolute lifesaver later onJ, our ring bearer, and A, our bird bearer

Finally, it was my turn to practice walking down the aisle with Dad Library.  It was surreal, but real life made it a little trickier than we thought.  If you hadn’t noticed, most of the girls who wore heels are looking down.  Why?  Because of the cracks in the bridge.  Our heels were the perfect size to go through them… and get massively stuck.  Take my shoes, for instance…These suckers got stuck so many times, I became a barefoot bride for most of the rehearsal.  I also almost fell over backwards when I went to walk in them before realizing I was stuck.  Thank goodness my girls were there to catch me!Once we practiced Dad Library giving me away, Mr. Library and I listened closely to Father Walter… and discovered that he wasn’t going to tell us much about what we had to say and do.  He said we would figure it out the next day.  Uh… isn’t that what rehearsal was for?  Oh well.Nap time?  Excellent.  Sounds good!

After a quick couple of memos on transportation for the next day and some directions to the restaurant, we all jumped into our cars and headed to the Jolly Drayman to practice eating and a few other things…

Walk me through this:

Our bridal party began to come together!

We did as UPS does!


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