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Rise and Shine!

I love getting my hair done.  LOVE it.  I cannot wait to have my hair done for our wedding day.  My cousin J is doing all of our hair that day, which is an incredibly generous and hardcore task.  There are eight of us getting our hair done, so guess what that means?

Oh yeah… rise and shine ladies!

The first lady to get her hair done will be groomswoman K at a sunny 8 AM.  Now, I know this sounds cruel.  I mean, who seriously wants to get up then?  But really, for everyone to fit in, we needed to start it that early.  There will be movies to chill out to, food to munch on (if we have appetites), and plenty of people to love.  I would volunteer to go first, but, to be honest, I’m being selfish.  It’s my wedding day, so my hair should be done at a time when it will look great for the whole day.  My hair wouldn’t last if I went in the chair at 8 AM.  So, sorry, groomswoman K.  You’re up!

What small pit falls have you been sentenced to thanks to the day-of schedule?


What Can Brown Do For You?

Well, besides add thousands to your student loans and make you wonder why the student there never seem to understand the importance of pants in the winter.  Silly undergrads…

No, no, no.  Not that Brown!  The postal kind!  We got our first wedding presents in the mail!  Hooray for presents!  I heart them very much, along with the people who sent them to us!

The first gift we received came in this very unassuming box.  But let’s be real.  We would know those red bulls-eye symbols anywhere.  Something from Target!  I made a quick move for Dad Library’s jack knife and popped it open.

We got an awesome steak knife set!  Our awesome friends Kristin and Steve went online and ordered our wedding gifts ahead of time.  Is it obvious that Kristin is a teacher?

Look at them in all of their steak knifey goodness!  We cannot wait to use them.  A few days after this package arrived, we received another one from Target, and it too was from Kristin and Steve.  This time, they sent us an awesome BBQ grill set with the biggest tongs I have ever seen!  It came with a note that demanded that we start grilling.  With tools like this, how could we go wrong?

The second set of guests to send us a wedding present is near and dear to my heart.  When I was eleven, our church received a new pastor from Georgia.  His name was Doug.  He and his wife Susan, along with their two boys, John and Matthew, became part of our family.  I’m still convinced that all good pastors come from Georgia.  When it came time to invite people to the wedding, I knew they had to be on the list.  They visit Maine in the summer every five years or so, so we had the potential of getting them on the right summer.  Unfortunately, they couldn’t come, but they sent us a lovely card that brought tears to my eyes.  They wrote about how Mr. Library must be one special guy because they know I wouldn’t feel right with anyone but the one.  They wrote about how I was like a member of their extended family, and they would always be there for love and support.  They also wrote about how all good marriages are love triangles between the husband, wife, and God.  They had taken their time to write both Mr. Library (who has never met them) and me personal notes.  It didn’t really matter what was in the rest of the box.  I was happy with the note.

But of course, we opened it anyway.

One thing that Doug and Susan do as a couple is cook.  They use it as a way to learn together and grow together, so they wanted to share the same experience with us.  Little do they know, but Mr. Library and I love to cook too!  Perfect!  They gave us a great red mixing bowl, a spatula, a rubber bowl-scraper (I guess these are called spatulas too?  How confusing!), a whisk, and a spoon.  Out kitchen is going to be decked out to the extremes.

Have you received any wedding presents yet?  What were they?

We Are 19 Going On 18…

We have hit the double digits that start with 1!  Can you believe it?  We’re so excited (though a little nervous on my part) and cannot wait to be husband and wife.  Hopefully, in the near future, I can persuade Mr. Library to write a post or two on here before I’m his wife… I guess we will see!

So in the next 18 days, we have to do these lovely errands:

  1. Buy supplies for Out of Town bags
  2. Put stuff into Out of Town bags
  3. Make granola for Out of Town bags
  4. Pack for honeymoon
  5. Complete and print itinerary for honeymoon
  6. Put pictures into our international student ID cards for discounts
  7. Finish my super secret project for Mr. Library
  8. Finish the photo booth backdrop
  9. Finish our family tree photo project
  10. Go to my bachelorette party on Friday!!!  WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
  11. Move into an apartment?  Maybe?
  12. Send a finalized head count to the resort
  13. Send a shot list to the photographer
  14. Create a wedding day schedule for everyone
  15. Ask the town office if our officiant can mail in the license
  16. GET MARRIED!  And be in love!

I’m sure there is more, but I like #16 the best, followed by #10 and then number #11 (if it happens soon!).

What do you have coming up?

Separate is Not Equal

This past fall, the state of Maine made national headlines.  No, not because we were being taken over by moose or wanted to split into two different states (yes, someone really did propose this because he didn’t like how different northern and southern Maine are).  We were in the news because of the referendum to get rid of the legality of gay marriage.  The slight majority of voters voted to eliminate gay marriage.  As said in a previous post, I have never been more ashamed of Maine.  I still cannot believe that the state was this dumb.

Mr. Library and I are not very political people.  We exercise our right to vote, but otherwise, we stay pretty neutral (though I have been known to spout off when a politician is being super dumb… like the story about two Maines above…).  The issue of gay marriage, however, is a huge exception to the rule.  We are very much in favor of gay marriage.  We feel completely blessed to have found each other and be able to spend the rest of our lives together as recognized by our friends, family, and legal institutions.  Why shouldn’t our friends have the same right?  For me, it’s not a question of religion, of politics, or even title of the ceremony being carried out; it’s a question of human rights.  Haven’t we learned anything since the times when whites and any other ethnicity couldn’t marry?  Why do we keep repeating habits?  It wasn’t fair then, and it’s not fair now.

To make a statement about our feelings, Mr. Library and I have decided to honor the cause by doing the White Knot Project.  We cut, tied, and trimmed seventy white ribbons for our guests to don during the reception.  Why seventy?  Well, with a final guest total of 96 (more on this later), we figure that many of our guests may share our sentiments.  There will be, of course, people who do not, so we came up with a number that seemed to work for our fingers, our roll of ribbon, and our guests.  I also made a sign to make all of our guests aware of what the ribbons stand for and why we are providing them for our guests to wear.

While we are as passionate about allowing gay marriage, we are also aware that there are others who might be attending our wedding who feel just as passionate about the other side.  And that’s okay.  That’s why we’re putting the white knot display (though I’m not sure it’s really big enough to be deemed as such) beside the guest book instead of personally handing them out.  This way, people can read about our beliefs instead of being outright confronted with them.  They may choose to take a ribbon and show their support, or they may choose to ignore it.  Either way, we have supported our belief that everyone should have the right to tie the knot.

What special beliefs are you putting into your wedding?

Our Special Guest

Wedding guests are all special, but let’s be honest.  When it comes to opening the mail to see who is coming, there are some people you are more excited to see coming than others. (Sorry people, it’s true.  Try to remember that there is a good chance you were one of these cards!)  Mr. Library and I invited one person who is super special to us, and a few weeks ago, we got to celebrate a little early with her.

Meet Mrs. B.

Mrs. B was our middle school English and math teacher.  Mr. Library and I were in the gifted and talented program, so we had her for these two focused areas (somehow they thought that if you were good at one, you were good at both.  Who knows…).  Her class is where I really met Mr. Library, and he, of course, met me.  While it certainly wasn’t love at first sight (or second… or 5 millionth…), we really got to know each other in her care.

This is Mrs. B’s last year of teaching.  Now that she is in her seventies, she has seen many classes come and go.  Her first students are now also in their seventies.  Mr. Library and I were two kids out of hundreds, probably thousands.  Out of the thousands, we were invited to her student retirement party along with a bunch of her more recent students.  Out of all of the people who attended, Mr. Library and I were two of the four people who held driver’s licenses.  Yep, we were the old ones.

We ate, hugged, told stories, got claps for getting married, and smiled at what an amazing career she has had.  She is still the only woman I know who loves to teach the ancient Logo program to her math students.  It was incredibly special to be able to celebrate this event with her before she celebrates our event with us.  She has left a huge handprint on both of our hearts, and we certainly wouldn’t be the same without her.

What special guests do you have coming to your wedding?

You are Invited

Invitations are a lot of work, and sometimes, it feels like your guests don’t appreciate all of the details you put your blood, sweat, and tears into.

This is where Mr. Library and I step in.

We were amazingly lucky enough to receive our invitation to Miss Sox’s wedding last week, and because we know just how much those little envelopes need to be loved, we put our imaginations to the test and made sure Miss and Mr. Sox know how much we love them.

Behold, our new film:  “How to Open an Invitation!” (Only in photo form because it won’t let me upload the actual movie for some reason…)

Step One:  Get excited that it’s here! Ooh, mail for us?  How exciting!

Step Two:  Open the envelope and admire the contents! Oh!  Pink and green!  How clever!

Step Three:  Get sad you have to break the flower… No!  Not the flower!  Nooooooooooo!

Step Four:  Fight with the envelope a bit and then pop it open!  Open!  How can I RSVP in time if you don’t open?

Step Five:  Finally get inside and check out the organization! I wonder if the bride has OCD…

Step Six:  Read everything carefully…  Do I need to initial my meal choice?  No?  I’ll do it anyway…

Step Six:  Fill out the RSVP card immediately.  No late RSVP cards for us!  You don’t even have to harass us!

Step Seven:  Get excited and decide to come! No… that’s NOT what she said!  But good try Mr. Sox…

Step Eight (Optional):  Make the bride and groom a ridiculous video to show them how excited you are for their wedding!  We love you guys!  We can’t wait for the weddings!

Note to self:  Teach Mr. Library how to focus my camera…

This film was lovingly emailed to Miss Sox and was promptly enjoyed.  By me.  And her, of course.  But a lot by me.

What fun wedding details have you created lately?

Licensed to Wed

Bring it, baby!  Now we’re legal!

When Mr. Library graduated, I knew we needed to get our wedding license as soon as I got out of school.  It seemed like a simple process, but you never know about how long “simple” things could really end up taking.  So, with that in mind, we went to the town office with our application in hand (and money in the other) and smiles on our faces.

It turns out that it really was a simple process.  I had heard that you needed different forms of identification, but it turns out that we didn’t.  We had already filled out everything we could on the application we had downloaded and printed, so we just signed it in front of the town clerk, paid our $30, and waited for our official copy for Father Walter.

But while I was signing, I noticed something a little odd on the application…

Um… can I get an EWWWW?  Honestly, people who wrote this state application, you are not helping our state stereotypes!  Let’s get this removed and outlawed, thanks very much!

The town clerk quickly handed over our official license, but not fast enough to avoid the town worker’s comments about how Mr. Library only had a month left to run.  Everyone’s a comic…  I wanted the comedian to take our picture with the license, but there was a little old lady in line behind us (hopefully not waiting to marry her first cousin) and my point-and-shoot camera’s batteries died.  We decided we would do a photo shoot at home instead.

VogueWhy hello muscular shoulders!That’s not his lip… it’s his tongue.My cat Italics reluctantly approved.  He would rather shun Mr. Library with all of his might.

Now, our goal is not to lose it in the next month.  Gulp.

What was your wedding license experience?