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Stressed from the Dress

Strangely enough, it’s not my wedding dress that is stressing me out (well, it is in a way since we dropped it off at the dry cleaners over a week ago and they haven’t called to say it’s done.  Where is my dress, people?!).  It’s the second ceremony dress.  I have the worst luck picking out dresses, and I seem to get very enthusiastic about an option, purchase it, and then freak out when it doesn’t work.  Yep.  That was my day yesterday.

Let’s rewind to Monday.  I was zooming around WeddingBee classifieds like I normally do, and I came across a new ad for a girl selling a used bridesmaid’s dress from David’s Bridal.  It was cornflower blue, had great eyelet details, was summery and flowing, and it would have been perfect for the second ceremony.  Oh, and did I mention that it was $25 including shipping?  I snatched it up and was super pumped for it to get to my door.

Isn’t she pretty?

The box was waiting for me when I got home from work yesterday.  I tore it open (a little less urgently than I did the camera box the day before) and showed Mom Library the dress.  We oohed and aaahed over it, and then I went to try it on.

Insecure meltdown in three… two… one.

There was a gap of about three inches that wouldn’t zipper towards the top of the back.  For those of you who know me, and those who have seen pictures, I am, to say the least, a bit busty and I am very self-conscious of it.  You try teaching middle school with a larger chest, and you’ll understand!  I was so angry.  This is the second dress that didn’t fit and that I was excited about.  But when I order a size 10, it’s too big, and when I order a size 8, it’s too small.  Seriously fate?  Seriously?!  When I went to show Mom Library, it was all I could do to not burst into tears.

Will I ever find the right dress for this second ceremony?  I can’t wear my rehearsal dinner dress because it’s black, and I feel like that wouldn’t set the right tone for it.  I want something with color.  Really, I think I want Sister Library’s MOH dress:

Would it be wrong to buy the same dress as Sister Library?  Or should I go on looking for another dress?  What do you think?  I honestly need help on this one!


Commence Project 24

While this does feel like it is the twenty-fourth project I have undertaken for the wedding, I can tell you for certain that this has nothing to do with being the twenty-fourth anything.  It’s all about the day it started.

Yesterday (which was my birthday, for those of you following along), I came home to find a medium-sized box waiting on the kitchen chair for me.  It wasn’t wrapped like a birthday present, and it had the Amazon logo on it, so I knew it was fair game to dig into.  There, in the singing of heavenly angels, was this:

YES!  It’s my happy-wedding-and-honeymoon-and-end-of-your-first-year-of-teaching present to myself!  (That’s also Mr. Library on my cell phone wondering why I wasn’t talking to him on the phone… Sorry honey!)  I had ordered this beauty so that I could play photographer, but also so that I could create wall art for our future home throughout the wedding/honeymoon process.  Photography has always been one of my loves, so it seemed right to take part of my tax return and get something that will be very beneficial and will last a long time.

I tore through the packaging and put on the lens.

I then proceded to walk around the house taking “artist pictures” of my cats, the flowers… anything really.  I’m sure Mr. Library was wondering why I wasn’t talking as much.

I love taking pictures, and people have often referred to me as the photo queen (some like to also use the “wh” word…) because I seem to always have my camera with me.  Well, that’s my goal for the next year.  That’s where Project 24 comes into play.

I got this camera on my 24th birthday.  For the next twelve months, I will document every day with at least one picture.  Sure, they might be mundane, but it will only improve my photography skills and document most of our first year of marriage.  I’m setting up a new blog to show all of you what each and every day has to offer.  Stop by Photo Project 24 some time!  (Just give me a day or two to load the new camera software onto my computers!)

I know that these photos will help us remember our days as newlyweds, and I cannot wait to see how this project turns out.  Stay tuned!

What are you doing to remember your first year of marriage?  Do you have any super special projects you plan to do in life?

Putting on Our Fancy Pants

Well, it’s not really pants, but it’s certainly fancy!  Mom Library’s dress came in the mail on MOH Library’s birthday, and we’re so excited for it!

If you remember, Mom Library and I went to Aria Dresses in Boston to find her Mother of the Bride outfit.  I had shown her some pictures of my shopping trip with Miss Sox to find my bridesmaid dress, and Mom Library was thrilled with the options Aria had.  She ended up picking the third dress she tried on.  It was so much fun to go shopping with Mom Library, and it was so much fun to see her face when she got her completed dress in the mail.

Doesn’t that color look awesome on her?  We got her dress made in silk shantung in the color called “Amaranth.”  I had never heard that named before, but it does wonders for Mom Library’s skin tone.  It’s actually very similar to the color of our (hopefully) peony bouquets.  I think it will look amazing, and Mom Library just lights up when she wears it.  Actually, we had to convince her to take it off before going out for MOH Library’s birthday!

What is your mom wearing?  Have you found anything for her yet?  Was it a smooth process?

On the 28th Day of the 4th Month


This was the sort of cake I had at my parties until I was eight.

Nothing like a shameless announcement, right?  Love it!  Today is my 24th birthday, and it is the day that I become the age that I will be when I marry Mr. Library.  It’s funny to think that I have been with him since I was fifteen.

In the shower this morning, I was reflecting on how birthdays and big family celebrations have shaped my life.  Most of my favorite memories have happened around holidays and get-togethers.  When there is a chance to party, neither side of my family says no.  We love to eat, laugh, and be together (most of the time). If there is any excuse to celebrate, you had better believe we are going to take advantage of it.

I can remember my birthday when I turned six.  I had invited all of my best friends over (specifically a red-headed boy named Sean) and we were going to dig into my famous Barbie cake.  Unfortunately, our toilet had other plans.  It decided to crack right down the middle and leak water all over our already softening floor.  Thank goodness for living close to family!  My aunt C and her family lived across the dirt road (yes, I know.  It was a dirt road, but it was just a little one for houses!  Let’s not stereotype Maine, okay?) We moved the party over there and had a great time.

I think my family’s enthusiasm for celebrations has taken a little getting used to for Mr. Library.  He comes from a smaller family where he doesn’t have as many cousins (I have 10 cousins total, and he has three only on his dad’s side), and some holidays aren’t as important in his family.  My family is quite sentimental and expect you to be there for every event.  There’s a big difference there!

Our families do have some distinct differences when it comes to wedding expectations, but it is clear that they both want one thing:  a celebration of our love and commitment.  Whether it’s big or smaller, totally off the wall or down-played, they will love it because we love each other and them.  They are our families.  Come July, they will be one huge family for us and we will share celebrations with each and every family for those big holidays.

How do you celebrate things with your future families?  What kind of a celebration will you have for your wedding?

When Your MOH Becomes Legal…

All the stops for the wedding are pulled out!  Sister/MOH Library turns 21 today, and I know she has been super excited for this day for quite some time.  When it looked like Mr. Library and I would be heading for marriage, she asked if we could wait to have our wedding until after she had turned 21.  She wanted to be able to party!

So here is your official welcome into the legal club, Sister Library!



What’s in a Name?

Not a last name, of course, but a first name.  With talk of marriage comes a borage of questions about having children.  We have even had a few point-blank requests for a red-headed girl or twins from one certain person, but let me assure you, we are in no hurry.  We will obviously take them whenever we are blessed, but if we have any say in it, we will be waiting until our late twenties.  We want to enjoy each other for a while before introducing a new member into the mix.  And we definitely do not have any form of the baby bug yet.

But back to my point.  Picking out names for a child can be super difficult, and I do not envy all of my friends who are currently pregnant (and there are a lot of them!).  The child has to carry around that name for the rest of his/her life, and the only chance for a redo is if they choose to go by a middle name or legally change it when he/she is old enough.  Talk about pressure.

As a teacher, I have come to know my fair share of students with different names, and there seems to be a pattern to some of them.  It’s almost like there is a common trait in everyone with that name.  My first name, for example, is Erin.  We tend to be a very stubborn breed.  Think of the Erins you know.  Doesn’t that sound about right?  Come on, you know it’s true and you don’t even have to say it out loud!

So here is the list of names I wouldn’t name my children.  Yes, they are fabulous names, but I either know too many of them or one person (or perhaps a few) have ruined it for me.  If your name appears here, don’t take offense.  Think of it as my way of keeping your name more original…

  1. David (Family member!)
  2. John
  3. Dalton
  4. Dayton
  5. Tyler
  6. Mike
  7. Jacob
  8. Jessica (Family member!)
  9. Olivia (I was sad to let this one go)
  10. Shelby
  11. Maria
  12. Marie (Family member!)
  13. Ashley (Already a family member!)
  14. Shania
  15. Sara(h) (I cannot name a child after someone already in my family!)
  16. Terry (I had a bad experience with one and now it only reminded me of bath towels)
  17. Elizabeth (too common)
  18. Crystal
  19. Rebecca
  20. Sunshine (simply because I am not a hippie!)
  21. Courtney

That’s the list so far.  There are still thousands of names out there that could be added, and I am sure if the right person came along, some of those names could be deleted.  But for now, there you have it.  You will not see any Library children running around with those first names.

On the other hand, there are a few names that have bounced around my head as good ones. Oh come on, you know you think about this too!

  1. Grayson
  2. Malia
  3. Jillian
  4. Charlotte
  5. Aurora
  6. Amelia
  7. Sophia
  8. Jackson (though Mr. Library has a cousin named that, so it will probably be out)
  9. Noelle
  10. Oscar (as a middle name)

What names would you not use?  What names would you use?

Plan B

With all of the planning and effort we have put into our honeymoon, it would break my heart if we couldn’t go enjoy Rome for seven days and Dublin for three.  It just wouldn’t seem fair.  But volcanoes don’t seem to know the meaning of fair.  They just know when they are angry and under pressure.


With the recent volcano eruption in Iceland ruining the chances of flying in and out of Europe for a little over a week, I became concerned about our chances of going on our honeymoon.  Yes, I know, it’s only April, but some scientists are worrying about this volcanic eruption causing the even larger volcano next door, Katla, to erupt.  And Katla’s eruptions have been known to last for eight months.  No joke.

So what are these two honeymooners to do?  Why, come up with a plan B of course!  Thankfully, if there is something that cancels our trip (like, say, a volcano), we will get our money back.  For those of you who are planning on traveling, for Pete’s sake, GET INSURANCE!  It’s totally worth the piece of mind!  If we need to, we can make last minute plans for go somewhere else.  Obviously it won’t be to Europe, but we won’t let that ruin our honeymoon!

After a little research into cheap places to honeymoon, I came up with this jewel:


Tulum, Mexico!  Mexico is super cheap for travel from the United States, and this area has tons of culture nearby.  It’s one of the sites of Mayan Ruins, which will keep us Library geeks amused and in awe for a few days!  One of the most recommended hotels in the area is also only $80 a night because July is the low season.  Sound good to you?  Yeah, I thought so!

Only time will tell if we need to put this plan into action.  Other thoughts were going to Disneyland in California to save money and relax or taking a Caribbean cruise.  Any other ideas?  We’re looking for a great place with more than just a beach.  We want some culture and adventure, people!

Do you have any plan Bs in your wedding planning?