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Finito, Finished, Kaput

Ladies and gentlemen of the blogosphere, I. Am. Done!  Done done done!  With what, you may ask?  The majority of our DIY projects!  I know!  Can’t you just hear all of the bells and whistles of wedding land going off?

Last night, in a marathon attempt by Mom Library and me, we finished all of the programs.  In the end, we made 116 program fans thanks to all of the hard work on Saturday and last night.  I also made our pens for the guest book with some help from a trusty glue gun, some sandpaper, and a couple of flowers I sewed together.  It felt incredibly good to answer Mom Library’s question of “What’s left?” with the answer “invitations, backdrop for the photobooth, and a super secret project Mr. Library knows nothing about.”  (Yeah, that’s right Mr. Library, you know nothing about it.  What are you going to do now, huh?)  That’s only three more things to do!  THREE!  Ahhhhh!

While the invitation process might take a little bit and another marathon party, it will all get done.  It will.  I can see it now.  What have you been proud of lately?


A Little Off Center

Centerpieces have been the skeleton in the closet.  Not the nice one who teaches you anatomy, but the evil one who comes out to kill you in your sleep.  Well, maybe that’s a little too edgy, but you know what I mean.  Things like this sneak up on you and cause anguish for no good reason.  Mom Library has been busy harping on the fact that I am not certain about our centerpieces, so I figured it was time to bite the bullet and get down to business with them.

At the beginning of the wedding planning process, I was excited about centerpieces.  They were some of the first things I shopped for.  They were actually my first wedding purchase with Mr. Library.  Somewhere along the line, I lost interest and figured they would work themselves out.  I was wrong.  Now, I have a bunch of parts that don’t really go together.  It was up to me (and Mom and Dad Library) to figure out what to do with them in order for it all to work.

Here are the starting pieces:

Our lovely blue lanterns.  We got them on eBay for about $4 a piece with shipping.  It was a sweet deal, and so were our votive holders.  Unfortunately, size (in this case) does matter.  See the height comparison between the lantern and the votives?

Yeah, they’re a little big compared to the true centerpiece.  Oops.  Mom Library suggested getting new votive holders, but I didn’t like the idea.  I had already put a lot of money into these (even though it was a good deal), so I wasn’t willing to give up so fast.  After the discussion got a little heated (yeah, I have been that bride lately), Dad Library stepped in with an idea.  What about a stand to hold it up?  It had possibilities.  He got to work and came up with this:

Um, did I mention that Dad Library is a blacksmith?  Yeah.  He rocks.  He went out in his workshop and came in with this about an hour later.  He ended up making three of them on Saturday and promised to make about a dozen more for the tables.  I love him a lot.

You’ll also notice the fake flowers in the picture.  I had picked them up to make flower toppers for our guest book pens, but I discovered that they are basically fake bachelor buttons, the same flowers the girls will have in their bouquets and the guys will have as their bouts.  Why not add them to the reception too?  Mom Library had made a comment about how the votive holders looked like cups, so I thought about turning them into little vases.  I emailed our awesome florist Carole the next day to have her add 90 bachelor buttons to our order.  Sorry Aunt M!  Add in a few candles and some ferns, and we could have a winner.

Here was the run through without ferns and with a place setting:

I like it!  You just have to picture it with a white table cloth, matching silverware, better glasses, lit candles, and a bigger table.  Oh, and no bunny food in the background.  After that, it will be perfect!  What do you think?

Have your centerpieces caused a ruckus in your planning perfection?

Oh Fan Boy!

As promised, I will show you the pretty easy steps in making the fan programs we created on Saturday.  I got the original idea from this Weddingbee DIY post from Intimate Weddings.  I liked how simple they seemed, and I really wanted to do a fan for our outside ceremony.  Instead of making ourselves crazy with more complicated fans, I chose to go with these and see how they came out.

Materials Needed:

  • Double-sided tape (A LOT OF IT!  Seriously, go buy like 10 rolls.  I’m not kidding.)
  • Ribbon (in a couple different colors if you like)
  • Glue dots
  • Card or Cover stock
  • Scissors
  • Wide popsicle sticks
  • Something to drill holes in the popsicle sticks
  • A toothpick for some extra help
  • Rectangular sheets you want to put on the front and the back (I used an engagement picture and the ceremony information)

The Steps:

1.  Cut your ribbon to the desired length and drill a hole in one end of the popsicle sticks.  You want to make sure that you leave enough of a space between where you drill the hole and the end of the stick.  You don’t want it to crack from too little space.  For the ribbon, I liked the color contrast have having two different colors in our color scheme for each stick.  If you want just one color, go for it.

2.  Fold the ribbons in half together.  Using the “U” end of the ribbons, squish the two pieces of ribbon together and poke through the hole in the popsicle stick with the toothpick.  Once the U is through, take the ends from the other side, slip them through the U and pull, creating a little knot.

3.  Make as many sticks up ahead of time as possible.  It’s much easier to have them ready when the next steps come.

4.  Take all of your paper goods out.  Fold the 8.5 X 11 card stock (or cover stock if you are buying it from Paper Source) in half the hamburger way… or for the rest of you, in half on the side that is 11 inches long (can you tell I am a teacher?).  They will look like little booklet covers.

5.  Cut all of your photos and information to the size that you want.  Do all of them ahead of time.  Trust me, it will save your sanity!

6.  Using double-side tape, tape the photos and information onto the back and the front of the card stock.  Remember to do it on the outside, not the inside!

7.  Using double-sided tape again, put three pieces of tape on the inside of the card stock along the open edges.  Grab your pre-made popsicle sticks and put a Glue Dot on the top and in the middle of the stick.  Stick the popsicle stick into the middle of the tape on the bottom of the paper.  Close the cover and smooth all edges together to make the tape stick.

You now have your own fan!  Repeat as many times as you need for all of your guests.

I love how these turned out and how put together they look.  We played with the variation of ribbon color to tie it all together for the ceremony and reception colors.  I need to buy more tape, glue dots, and ribbons.

Are you making your own programs?


I’m not kidding either.  This weekend was a wild roller coaster of emotions that seem to be the trend lately and craftiness.  I have to admit that I wasn’t looking forward to it at all because of how stressed I have become lately.  Trying to find a new job, wondering if my current job will last, trying to encourage Mr. Library to find a job, and planning a wedding/honeymoon is a little too much stress for my system.  Friday night was awful, and I ended up calling Mr. Library at quarter of eleven to ask him to take over some of the planning.  I have discovered that I have a hard time asking for help because I don’t want to stress other people out.  I guess now I need to for my own sanity.

Saturday morning began with me promising myself that things were going to be different.  No more yelling at people, no more emotional outbursts when I’m stressed out.  It was going to be a much better day.  The crafting crew showed up at 11:30.  Bridesmaid C, her boyfriend A, my aunt C, Dad Library, Mom Library, and I ate some delicious Italian sandwiches and chips before attacking the dining room table filled with crafts.  Man, did I pick a good day to let people take over some of the work.  To begin with, we had 115 menus to cut out, 120 (just in case of mess-ups) front photos and back information cards for the programs, 115 programs to fold, 115 popsicles to put ribbons through, and nine coloring books to bind.  Yeah, we were all a little shell shocked.  We split into teams and tackled it all.

Bridesmaid C and boyfriend A were troopers.  If we needed something cut in a hurry, they were the people for the job.  I’m not kidding.  They cut out all of the menus in about twenty minutes.  They then cut out most of the photos for the front of the programs.  Want to see their work?

They were champions, and I cannot thank them enough!  I know A probably wanted to be doing other things that day, but he certainly helped out a lot.  He even went out and kept Dad Library company for a while when his hands got tired from all of the cutting.

Aunt C, Mom Library, and I tackled the programs.  I will save you the gory details of how to make them in this post, but I will be posting a guide to them right after this post is finished.  They are that simple and come out fabulously!  I have never in my life, though, gone through so much double-sided tape.  I should have put stock in it.

They aren’t all done yet (thanks to lack of double-sided tape even after five rolls and a lack of ribbon), but I am picking more supplies up after work today to hopefully finish these up.

Dad Library was off in his workshop, working on his own special masterpiece.  These, my friends, will be revealed shortly!

People began to get tired around 4:00, so we thanked them profusely and wished them a safe drive.  I honestly do not know what I would have done without all hands on deck this weekend!  A big shout out of thanks to C, A, Aunt C, and the parents!  Thanks guys!

On Sunday, I decided that I needed to do something creative after doing my taxes (as a side note, Rhode Island taxes suck.  Let’s work on that, Rhode Island, mmkay?), so I decided to get my act together on the wedding reception signage.  I had created signs to go in different places around the room, each one either giving instructions or cute sayings.  I got some cheap frames at the Family Dollar store, popped the printed sheets into them, and voila!

This sign will go on the escort card table in front of the centerpiece for it.  I made it on the Cricut we have at school and them mounted it on some great pink paper.

This will serve as instructions for our thumbprint tree.  I love how the bird ties into our theme and into the guests’ escort cards.

I’m not quite sure where these will end up, but it will probably be somewhere around the gift table, the cake table, or the guestbook table to jazz them up a bit.

This sign will be on the counter of the bar to wish our guests cheers!  We wanted to have a range of languages to honor all of the cultures we hold near and dear:  Hebrew, Italian, English, Lithuanian, French, and Irish.

And last but not least, our photobooth instructions.  I am a huge believer in clear directions, so these were a must for us.  Do you think people will be able to understand them well enough?

I added another couple of jars with ribbon to the list of completed projects before Mom Library decided I had had enough wedding for the weekend.  Thanks to my stress-out fits, I’m being put on stress watch.  Oy.

Have you been stressed out lately?  What have you accomplished for projects?

Can’t Buy Me Love


If only that was what all of my vendors asked for a payment amount.  It has become quite clear that wedding expenses sneak up on you.  Did I start out wedding planning knowing that I would have to shell out money for a camera tripod, background fabric, napkins, and a bird basket?  Oh heck no.  But they were choices I made along the way.  Yes, I could have played the “Mom and Dad said they would pick up the wedding tab” card, but I would feel horrible doing that.  I am the one who wants the photobooth (and Mr. Library does too… I guess.).

That being said, I think it’s time to make a list of things that still need to be purchased for the wedding so I can keep my priorities straight.  We have most of our big-ticket items picked out, so now it is all of the interesting small details no one really ever thinks about.

Things to Buy

  • Gift bags for bridal party presents Done 3/26
  • Wedding license
  • My wedding ring
  • Pay off Mr. Library’s wedding ring (when it comes in and he decides he’s sticking to this model) Apparently FMIL Library did this?  Okay…
  • Pens for the guestbook Done 3/26
  • Ink for the thumbprint tree
  • Foot petals for my shoes
  • Flip flops for the reception
  • Table cloth for the ceremony
  • Small votive and holder for the ceremony
  • Pay all of the balances for vendors
  • Two white flowers, pearls, floral tape, green pens, double sided tape, photo corners, and ribbon for our crafting weekend Done 3/26
  • Photocopies of stuff for our crafting weekend Done 3/26

Needless to say, my list is rather long, but it’s a lot better than it used to be!

What have you needed to buy lately?

You Have Something on Your Mouth

But no need to fear!  We have stylish napkins for that!  Napkins were one of those things I never thought I “had to have,” but according to Mom Library, they were somewhere on the scale of “rights of passage.”  Huh. never told me that one…

Anywho, I browsed online to see what kinds of styles these rights of passage would come in.  Let me tell you, almost all of the websites have the same patterns.  It’s like no one can be more creative than the other.  I wasn’t going to shell out more money to create my own pattern with silk screening equipment (some people use what’s called a Gocco, but I still don’t really understand how that works), so I went for the lowest bidder.  That ended up being, surprisingly.  I waited until they had a sale on, and then snatched up the two patterns Mr. Library and I liked the best (okay, okay… it was mostly what I liked the best.  Sorry Mr. Library, but the symbol you originally said you wanted just didn’t go with the rest of the wedding theme, kind of like those heart lollipops…).  I ordered them and waited patiently for their arrival.

Yesterday, a soggy box was waiting on the table for me.  It had been a while since I had ordered them, so I was a little clueless about what could be in the box.  Then I read the mailing label and tore into it.  Here’s what was waiting inside:

Um, love them!  I am very impressed with the foil in the images.  I for some reason expected that the quality wouldn’t be extremely high, but it was as far as napkins go.  And how cute are those birds?  (Sorry about the quality of photo.  This was the best I could muster on my way out the door at 6:15 AM).

Have you been pleasantly surprised by anything you have ordered?  And did you know that napkins were a right of passage?

Furry Librarians

No, I’m not talking about the kind who are hermits with slanty glasses and never let people touch books because they are too precious.  I’m talking about some of the first additions to the Library family to-be:  pets!


I have always grown up with pets.  My parents got my first cat Mimi when I was about a year old.  Mimi and I were best friends, and she was patient with me as I grew up.  She put up with Sister Library picking her up by the tail, she dragged herself back to our house after being hit by a car and having her back leg and tail crushed, and she always snuggled under my covers.  She was the best.  When she died, I wasn’t ready to get another cat.  How do you replace the best cat ever?  I’m still tearing up while writing this.  About a year later, we adopted Gizmo, a cat who needed a home when one of my aunt’s coworkers discovered a cat allergy in the family.  Gizmo had a funny way of being angry.  No matter who he was mad at, he would come pee on my leg.  He was very sweet (when he wasn’t peeing), and sadly got hit by a car during my sophomore year of high school.

We waited quite a while after that before we thought about getting more cats.  Dad Library said no to the idea a few hundred times, but one summer afternoon, Mom Library and I went to the shelter.  When I scooped up the playful black cat without a name, he began to purr and fell asleep in my arms.  I didn’t pick him, he picked me.  There was no way of not getting this cat!  I named him Italics (I am, after all, a writer) and my sister picked out a Maine coon mix and named him Abercrombie (can you tell who likes to shop?).  We have had them ever since.  They still wander around the Library home, chasing each other, eating bugs, and begging for doors to be opened.

We also have had a string of rabbits.  It began with Mom Library’s gray bunny Thumper, then I got BunBun and Sister Library got Buttercup, then Buttercup passed and Sister Library got Chester, then I refused to have any other rabbit when BunBun died, Dad Library got Clinker (named after the blacksmithing term, as Dad Library is a blacksmith as a hobby), and when Chester passed, Sister Library got Orlando, or Speedy as we have nicknamed him.  Add in a few Beta and goldfish, and you can clearly see that we grew up with animals.

Mr. Library grew up with a similar experience (thank goodness!).  The future in-laws had a golden retriever named Hunter, a Border Collie named Ruby, a Springer named Brownie, and their current dog named Fozzie, who is a Labradoodle (chocolate kind).  They also had three adorable (yet somewhat round on the first two) cats:  Pookie, Cudzy (short for Cuddles), and Minnie.  If they ever had fish, I haven’t a clue.

The point is we both came from families where pets played a large role in our upbringing and our happiness.  They are members of the family, and I would certain vote to have them a lot sooner than children (sorry Mom, Dad, FMIL, and FFIL Library…).  So what is on my list of possible pets?

1.  Daushund (aka wiener) hound


They. Are. So. Cute!  I have never had a dog before, so this would be a kick-butt start!

2.  Scottish Terrier


Again, CUTE!  Mr. Library and I picked this breed out on Thanksgiving because (1) it’s a small breed, (2) they are good apartment dogs, and (3) they are friggin adorable!

3.  Cats!


We love them.  We must have them!  Any kind will do!

What kinds of pet would you want for your future family?